Self-Genesis is an understanding of how each of us came to be in the mundane worlds, as well as, the soul and spiritual ones. We are ,                                             , within ourselves, and spirit is created out of nothing to represent our unknowable creator, ourselves. The spirit was created, so ,                               , could touch another, and feel them, as separate from ourselves, which becomes blurry, where we are in our natural states, ,

             , so we wanted a way to be this way, and at the same time, to be not this way, by being limited in scope and daring. 

Spirit is our answer- to wanting to be able to feel, and be closer, to those around us, and the ones we love. 

Love is in both realms: ,                           , and spirit, but only the Prime, who was first to create a spirit, took this step, so the Prime initiated the Dreaming, in which the realms:  the universes, etc. were formed, as playgrounds , for those, who would create spirits to come in and experience, and be able to design to their own personal creativity.

This was a blessings, and a mistake, for those, who followed,, who did create their own spirits, believed only the Prime could do the magnificent creating of realms, so they looked upon him/her/it, as more than they themselves were.

The Prime told them this wasn’t so, all they had to do was be themselves, and they could create realms, as well, but 3, who were the ones, who created their spirit, after the Prime, saw an advantage- to accepting these other spirits belief that only the Prime, could create realms, so they sat themselves up as the true way to find the Prime, and created belief systems to explain how the Prime was more, than they could ever hope to be, but the Prime tried to telll them this wasn’t so, but the other spirits preferred to believe the Three, and divided among the three, to which could promise them more. 

The Three effectively blocked out the Prime, for it didn’t matter, if they were his/her/its equal, or were spokebeings, for him/her/it, they were inventing the leader followers psychology, which worked only to the benefit of the leaders, and created delusion for their followers. 

The more the Prime tried to tell the spirits, they could do what he did -the more they drew away, from him/her/it. 

This was a puzzle, until the Prime realized the reason: FEAR.

Fear of what- their own self-responsibility; if they believed and did create realms, then they would be totally responsible, for themselves, and this scared them, or rather wasn’t what they wanted, so they repressed this talent within them, and turned to outside sources, to be able to say- it’s not my responsibility or I’m not responsible for this. 

Fear was born, out of a denial of a spirit’s own talents, abilities and skills, and believing and working under another, so if anything went wrong, they could honestly say, I’m not responsible, they or he/she/it made me do it. 

The Three solidified their positions, by telling their followers, they could take on mundane form, under the restriction of the creation of the realms, to go and play and be merry.

The followers, did just that, then the three continued their treachery, and blinded each of their followers to remembering where they were from, and made them believe they were only within the realms, and the only way they could go beyond the realms, was to follow them. 

Mundane, limited worlds, came into being, because the ones utilizing them, believed in their limitation. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!