Pussy Riot Inmate

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Political: . Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova: Why I have gone on hunger strike

Gathering 4

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                                                 (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Outside, is the enemy, which seduces, only with your consent, you to put or utilize it- as your inner self, the one which tells you its okay to act or not to act,;not for your benefit, but either- for the social, political, business, organizations, family, extended families, and so on. All of which don’t look at actions from your best point of view, but its/theirs/etc. self-rewarding point of view. 

Outside doesn’t give one thin dime about you; you are only a way for it to continue on its way, and anyone it destroys, and throws out, too bad, you just weren’t up to the beauty, the fastness, the interaction, the criminal actions, etc.,, within it, therefore you weren’t bringing in new profit, of money, art, design, film business, expansion, etc.. In other words, you had become dead weight.

Outside seduces, uses you up, and  throws you in the garbage. It encompasses all levels of social order, networking, etc.,. it works to draw you further and further into the movement, the fastness, the richness, the poorness, of itself, while all the time trying to drain you dry, then to throw you into the piles of the living dead. 

The fantasy of Zombies had to come from somewhere, and where it came from, whether the discoverer knew it or not, was the used up- of Outside, who took everything and left them empty, drugged out, etc..

Outside draws you in, and spits you out – skin over skeleton,- a living zombie. 

How do you break free of the Outside devourer of human lives; simple, don’t put your inner center, out in outside, which will toss it around as if it was caught in an erratic whirlpool, but put it where it belongs within you. 

Trust yourself; trust your feelings. Trust your feelings, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and you know its the only act you can do, for it comes, from within your inner center.

Gathering 3

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

There are always things around you, or come in fresh off the road, to try to get your awareness connected to it, and take you away from your inner self, where all good decisions come from.

In fact, here is the main awareness within each of the Jedi, Jedi Knight and Dream Dancers, in their daily lives- act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

To be true to yourself, you have to trust you, to trust your feelings. Feelings are the sensitive intuition you’re born with, to find answers, not questions.

However, since we’re born into a physical bodymind, we must also develop our ability to think, and to learn, so we don’t die, in the physical. We learn, and the way we learn, is by watching others, by education, learning from others, by our social norms, of our culture, by the networks we run in and so on. All of these we call Outside.

All of these principles are needed, until you learn that you are not bound by those, and you have the innate talent and ability to make your own moves, by trusting your feelings, which gives you answers and  not questions.

Feelings are intuitive results, and not questions, to lead you down the same path, or new paths, with the same result- more questions.

What about emotions- they don’t exist; they’re thoughts, which grab life energy, as a comet grabs substances to add to its mass, and wholeness, as it ravels across its path in the Universe.

Emotions grab life energy and utilize it to create a presence within you, and it becomes something you have to deal with, or repress or deny. Emotions are rationale-emotive thoughts which draw life energy to either build it up, or to build it up, negatively, so we can beat ourselves over the head about it.

This gives us a way to find out what level our emotions are: 1- very little reaction to 10- totally caught up in it, to your betterment or to your angst, which cause you to not do what is best for you, but you do what you have to, not to feel what the rationale-emotive thought is doing in it’s terrorizing of you.

All rationale- emotive thoughts are problems, and can be worked on by problem-solving, intuition sensing, or trusting your feelings.

Trust your feelings, and work through your rationale-emotive problems.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

Gathering 2

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

The Microcosmic Force is not within us, but is outside of us, but the difference between Microcosmic Force Flow, and the Outside of external realities, is- our being flows with Microcosmic Force Individuality, but it harmonizes with all Microcosmic Force Wholes/Fulls, which the Microcosmic Force, which flows in all realities, universes, expressions, experiences, etc., is what allows life to live and play, within each of these.

You don’t have to be aware of the Microcosmic Force, to live within it, for your vibration, draws and interacts with the Microcosmic Force, without you having to have any idea it exists around you, or penetrates your bodymind.

We call the unexamined person, the Free. They live to their own ideas, and to their own idea of spirituality.

Jedi come from the Free, who learn about the Microcosmic Force, and want to learn the philosophy, the knowledge, the lifestyle, the beauty of the Microcosmic Force.

Jedi Enlightner is a spiritual guide of the Jedi, who learns how to help them help themselves, and is a practitioner of the Microcosmic Force, but whose path is dedicated to helping others find the peace and love- within the Microcosmic Force. Jedi Enlightners are the leaders of the fellowship, and are the bodymind of EnviroRadiance.

Jedi Knights are those who want to learn about themselves and the Microcosmic Force, and to help those, who are unable, at this experience, to help themselves.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

First Service- Sunday, September1, 2013 6:49 pm

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

May the Microcosmic Force be with each of you, I am Zoua, and I am the head of Enviroradiance, worldwide. We are happy to have you read our weekly Gatherings ( Services ). These Gatherings are free form, and we speak from the heart, and each is a lesson gleamed from years of meditation, experiences, and a solid view of ethical and philosophical, as well as, practical way of living and practicing spirituality.

Dr. Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt Therapy, gave us the first ideas of individuality, where we are self-responsible, and though, he didn’t know it, it is this insight, which tells why we have the psychological mindset of leader-follower, and most beings, would rather die, than to have to be self-responsible, for their own being.

In the beginning, there was/is ,                               , who can never be known, they can only be felt, and even then- it’s always what they were, at that moment, and never what they actually are.

Who are these ,                           , they are your beyondness, and far, far more, for it is they who decided to create limitation, and created a minor aspect of themselves, and they called them Spirit.

The first to do so, they called Prime; he/she/it is/was totally self-responsible; however, those who followed, because they didn’t think of this, felt beholden to Prime, for being the Creator of Realities.

Prime denied this, and said he simply did it first, but all had made the decision to do this, but the three who followed wouldn’t hear it, they refused to accept self-responsibility. They tried to get Prime to accept their devotion, and worship, but he/she/it didn’t, so they grew angry, but then they saw how to make their denial of their self-responsibility into Power.

They waited for others to create spirit, and when they did, they too we’re in denial of their self-responsibility, so the three divided the realities amongst themselves, and told the new spirits, they were there creators, and the new spirits not wanting to trust themselves, and having to be self-responsible, fell into line, and Power was/is born.

The block, which keeps all life/spirit from knowing their own fullness, is their denial of their self-responsibility. To be self-responsible is to be free, and freedom is something the spirits after Prime, were afraid of, for that would mean they would have to accept full responsibility, for whatever they would do. They refused this, so they could blame others for their wrong decision-making, problem solving, etc., they could always say it was because of this or that, and never their own self-responsibility fault.

The Three took the spirits that followed them, and turned them into worshipers, so they began to grow in Power, one wanted more, and tried to destroy the others, and was cast down, and his followers, either went with the winners, or followed him to the depths they threw him to, but the others could only do this, they could not hold him there, so they set up a block in his/her/it’s mind, and this lasted for sometime, but finally he exploded it, and knew who he/she/it is, and the war began, but underneath all of it, was the reality, that all of this was because none on them would accept their own self-responsibility.

This is the block for spirits to become free, for they refuse to be responsible for their own creation.

Healing Lists

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We’re starting a worldwide healing list, for those who want Microcosmic Force Healing  Blessings. Please send what you want the Blessings for- to:


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We do blessings for 2days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 7days; two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, and the Dazzle Blessing, we put out Blessings, which renew themselves automatically, for a year.

Send your needs in English only, please.

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