(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

There are always things around you, or come in fresh off the road, to try to get your awareness connected to it, and take you away from your inner self, where all good decisions come from.

In fact, here is the main awareness within each of the Jedi, Jedi Knight and Dream Dancers, in their daily lives- act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

To be true to yourself, you have to trust you, to trust your feelings. Feelings are the sensitive intuition you’re born with, to find answers, not questions.

However, since we’re born into a physical bodymind, we must also develop our ability to think, and to learn, so we don’t die, in the physical. We learn, and the way we learn, is by watching others, by education, learning from others, by our social norms, of our culture, by the networks we run in and so on. All of these we call Outside.

All of these principles are needed, until you learn that you are not bound by those, and you have the innate talent and ability to make your own moves, by trusting your feelings, which gives you answers and  not questions.

Feelings are intuitive results, and not questions, to lead you down the same path, or new paths, with the same result- more questions.

What about emotions- they don’t exist; they’re thoughts, which grab life energy, as a comet grabs substances to add to its mass, and wholeness, as it ravels across its path in the Universe.

Emotions grab life energy and utilize it to create a presence within you, and it becomes something you have to deal with, or repress or deny. Emotions are rationale-emotive thoughts which draw life energy to either build it up, or to build it up, negatively, so we can beat ourselves over the head about it.

This gives us a way to find out what level our emotions are: 1- very little reaction to 10- totally caught up in it, to your betterment or to your angst, which cause you to not do what is best for you, but you do what you have to, not to feel what the rationale-emotive thought is doing in it’s terrorizing of you.

All rationale- emotive thoughts are problems, and can be worked on by problem-solving, intuition sensing, or trusting your feelings.

Trust your feelings, and work through your rationale-emotive problems.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!