(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Outside, is the enemy, which seduces, only with your consent, you to put or utilize it- as your inner self, the one which tells you its okay to act or not to act,;not for your benefit, but either- for the social, political, business, organizations, family, extended families, and so on. All of which don’t look at actions from your best point of view, but its/theirs/etc. self-rewarding point of view. 

Outside doesn’t give one thin dime about you; you are only a way for it to continue on its way, and anyone it destroys, and throws out, too bad, you just weren’t up to the beauty, the fastness, the interaction, the criminal actions, etc.,, within it, therefore you weren’t bringing in new profit, of money, art, design, film business, expansion, etc.. In other words, you had become dead weight.

Outside seduces, uses you up, and  throws you in the garbage. It encompasses all levels of social order, networking, etc.,. it works to draw you further and further into the movement, the fastness, the richness, the poorness, of itself, while all the time trying to drain you dry, then to throw you into the piles of the living dead. 

The fantasy of Zombies had to come from somewhere, and where it came from, whether the discoverer knew it or not, was the used up- of Outside, who took everything and left them empty, drugged out, etc..

Outside draws you in, and spits you out – skin over skeleton,- a living zombie. 

How do you break free of the Outside devourer of human lives; simple, don’t put your inner center, out in outside, which will toss it around as if it was caught in an erratic whirlpool, but put it where it belongs within you. 

Trust yourself; trust your feelings. Trust your feelings, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and you know its the only act you can do, for it comes, from within your inner center.