Judy, A Memory Lost and Found Again

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


small drop

of water

from a rose



from a well-watered

garden, freshness

becoming part

of the garden’s


cold flavors

impressed on



a life done-

begins again,

as a memory,




oil painting

of nature’s

palette of


Judy lost


found among

the colors

of the


Gathering 9- How to work Outside without tying to its craziness

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                                          (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


We have said that each person’s enemy, is Outside, by this we mean all of social levels, families, relatives, and so on, and what they do.

They do not try to draw us in to what they’re doing, but undercurrents are that if you are there, then you must get involved in whatever is going on. This is a false social norm.

How do we keep ourselves on track, and doing what is best for us- by letting go of our minds, and trusting our feelings. 

Scary!? It only seems so, because your mind, doesn’t want to give up its superiority, in directing your energy, time, creativity, doing and so on. If you invest in Outside craziness, then you get caught up in all the levels of social interaction, and have to use your mind to try to win, at whatever you find yourself involved in. 

Mind wants to win over any problem, issue, etc., it comes in contact with, and will stay occupied with this until, diverted to something else, but it will be working on the OG problem in the background. It keeps going till it runs into a dead end, then it stops, and goes back to the beginning, and starts the mental determination to find the answer, again, and will continue to do so, as long as you let your mind tell you what is best for you.

The opposite of this is being centered within yourself, and looking at Outside, as a myriad of vibrations, starts, finishes, and whatever else is going on in the environmental space, but is not the environment. 

What does this mean, the mind tries to en capsulize, everything into units, where it can work with and find the answer to the question, or to another question found along the way, or give up in disgust, if it can’t come up with some kind of answer.

It feels it can do anything, and by meshing with all the goings on Outside, puts the person’s center Outside of themselves, in the fabrication of Outside, doing things, without regard to right, wrong or indifference.

This is the hook of Outside, to get you to place your center in a non-existent, which is a tumbling process of new, old, indifference, etc., all based on mind, or rational emotive emotions, which are thoughts, with fears placed around them, so they become debilitating.

The instant you place your center Outside, you are playing in the field of non-existents. You cannot win in non-existents; you can only pursue different things, that end, blow up, etc., so you have to continue to try to build your place in an environmental space, where the environmental space is real, and Outside is found only within the centered interactions of everything determined to live in Outside and conquer it.

The only place you can find your truth is within yourself.  

Asinine Blog erases 43 entries, rather than only the ones I marked

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Hurray, got them all back.

Once again, technology creates disaster, all the works I had put on this blog, is gone, when I was only doing comments. Sorry, we’ll start from there again.

Word Press needs to go over their websites, and make sure it doesn’t erase, what isn’t marked!

Blessings the Miracle of Sharing and Believing

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

How do we do our spiritual work; what if we don’t feel we’re high in spiritual knowledge, and capabilities?

Everyone is high in spiritual beauty and capabilities, through, the simple joy of creating Microcosmic Force Blessings, and giving them out to those we wish to share with.

Here are the main blessings I work with:

Microcosmic Force Blessings

Microcosmic Blessings

Affirm Blessings

Microcosmic Blessings/Microcosmic Blessings:

Here we’re sharing the beauty, the knowledge, that you can make up Microcosmic Force Blessings, which fit you and what you want to accomplish.

Planetary Blessings ( on you ) or you can add Microcosmic Force to Planetary Blessings upon you. The same goes for all the rest we’re going to list here, and in other lists/posts.

Star Blessings

Spirit Blessings

Joy Blessings

Deep Love Blessings

Deep Peace Blessings

Family Love Blessings

Human Contact Blessings

Spirit Energy Blessings

Contented Blessings

Spirit Justice Blessings

Harmony Blessings

Harmonic Blessings

Spiritual Harmonics Blessings

Super Spirit Love Blessings

Friendship Blessings

Spirit Mate Blessings

Super I Believe Blessings

Love Self Blessings

Green Thumb Blessings

Super In Balance Blessings

Super Bliss Blessings

Super Innocence Blessings

Super Microcosmic Truth Blessings

Super High Self-Esteem Blessings

Super Microcosmic Action Blessings

Super Microcosmic Caring Blessings

Super Microcosmic Sharing Blessings

Super Microcosmic Self-Authority Blessings

Super Microcosmic Self-Authentic Blessings

Super Microcosmic Computer Blessings

Super Theoretical Physics Blessings

Super Automobile Blessings

Super Trucks Blessings

Super Bus Blessings

Super RV Blessings

Super Nomad Blessings

Super Shooting Star Blessings

Super Twinkling Star Blessings

Super Star Matter Blessings

We will create more later, but don’t be afraid to make up your own, special to you, and you want to give out to others, in doing so you are a Actioneer, of Peace and Harmony.

How do we work with other spiritual ways

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Posted on October 17, 2013by 

                                                 (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


One of the agonizing questions, which arise, when you see your way as the best way for you, and others see their way as the best for them, how do you and they work together, without setting up conflict, between the ways.

The answer is to find a common ground, which you can use, which doesn’t threaten any other spiritual way, and yet, helps with what all parties want to accomplish.

Self-Genesis way of working with others is simple- affirm blessings.

We utilize affirm blessings when working with others to create a spiritual miracle, energy, good tidings, and so on.



Outside- The Enemy of Sanity

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

We have said Outside is our enemy; we see this from watching all that is going on around us, and within our close networks. The instigator of our falling into the mess, which goes on outside of ourselves, is our mind, and the learned/educated false premises, that reason is the glory of man; religion is the glory of beyondness, so don’t worry about this life, you get your reward after you die; bad press if there ever was one, why do I have to wait to know spirituality. Here’s a little clue; you don’t!

Spirituality starts anytime you make the decision to learn how to delve into your whole being, rather than, just focusing on your physical bodymind, and living not for what is best for you, but what is supposed to be best for everyone else.

How do you know what is best for you? By what the government says it is, what schools tell you it is, how your family tells you you’re suppose to be, and what you’re friend want you to be if you want to be friends with them.

All of this adds up to being torn into many directions, not for what’s good for you, but what is good for everyone else.

You have to make the decision to do what’s best for you, and what goes on the Outside, has to go with that, or you simply won’t be there. You take charge of your life, by listening, and trusting your feelings, allowing yourself to be guided by what is best and truthful for you.

Feelings work in Answers, not Questions! Feelings know the Answer, and the Answer makes itself known, by those who listen and trust their feelings, to act in the only way they can to be the truth they are- in any situation, any place, any movement and so on.

Feelings are you; you are a single organism, you have no parts, no aspects, you live, work, and act as a single organism, who then alienates. from yourself, by listening to Outside, insanity, to tell you don’t be who you are, but see yourself as parts, and look to ones who know more than you do,  to tell you how to live and how to see yourself, in other words, be Outside.

Here are truths which you can test out by trusting your feelings: 1. listen, 2. hear, 3 act without thinking, but , 4. trust your feelings, 5. you act as a single organism, 6. know you are doing the right thing, the spiritual path you are meant to walk, 7. you are intuitive, trust your feelings, 8. live here and now, 9. be self-responsible ( this is the one that all fear, for they want to be able to blame someone else and not take the heat themselves ), 20. love yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Gathering 5 Outside 2

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Outside is the enemy of a spiritual life; a life led by your inner truth, and acting only on that truth, and not on the machinations of the many interactive paths being built, destroyed, built and destroyed, over and over.

How do we not ignore Outside, but live in it by our inner truth: 1. Trust your feelings, 2. Listen to you, 3. Listen to what is going on around you, hear what is being said, reflect on it- by trusting your feelings, and act from within the knowledge, the feelings, this is the right action for you.

By trusting your feelings, and acting to that truth, you won’t be where trouble is, but if you choose to ignore your feelings, and listen to your head, you get caught up in decision-making, where you try to gather as much information of what is going on, to make a logical choice. Problem is, here is where the ability to think comes in, and levels of classes appear, for how well you play the game of Outside, is how well you will do in its quicksand, wins and losses.

How well you perceive everything going on in your environments, and choose the correct way to handle the situation, is a measure of your intelligence, as if, being good at seeing that which isn’t worth looking at, says anything. Intelligence, in the Western World is the golden calf, and the golden calf love, breaks those using it into classes, by how well they can figure out the many interactions going on, without losing to another player.

The process of Outside is played- going on multi-levels, and the better you can work your way through those level actions, the more you stand out, in the game of Outside. The fiction of using your head, says it all, to be the spiritual person you can be, who can walk through all this game playing, and make it look at itself, while you choose what’s right for you, and then act upon it, thus creating the best action, for all involved, if they- but look and learn.

Spiritual path is for those who can let go of their minds, trust their feelings,and act to their inner truth;  they do  this- by realizing, they must listen to answers, and not questions. Listening to answers means trusting your feelings to know what is best out of all the environments,  and lets you walk the path best for your health, growth, hope and allows your best to burst out in rays of spiritual love, beauty and hope, and those who are wise will pick up on this, and use these to find their own inner truth.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

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