(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Outside is the enemy of a spiritual life; a life led by your inner truth, and acting only on that truth, and not on the machinations of the many interactive paths being built, destroyed, built and destroyed, over and over.

How do we not ignore Outside, but live in it by our inner truth: 1. Trust your feelings, 2. Listen to you, 3. Listen to what is going on around you, hear what is being said, reflect on it- by trusting your feelings, and act from within the knowledge, the feelings, this is the right action for you.

By trusting your feelings, and acting to that truth, you won’t be where trouble is, but if you choose to ignore your feelings, and listen to your head, you get caught up in decision-making, where you try to gather as much information of what is going on, to make a logical choice. Problem is, here is where the ability to think comes in, and levels of classes appear, for how well you play the game of Outside, is how well you will do in its quicksand, wins and losses.

How well you perceive everything going on in your environments, and choose the correct way to handle the situation, is a measure of your intelligence, as if, being good at seeing that which isn’t worth looking at, says anything. Intelligence, in the Western World is the golden calf, and the golden calf love, breaks those using it into classes, by how well they can figure out the many interactions going on, without losing to another player.

The process of Outside is played- going on multi-levels, and the better you can work your way through those level actions, the more you stand out, in the game of Outside. The fiction of using your head, says it all, to be the spiritual person you can be, who can walk through all this game playing, and make it look at itself, while you choose what’s right for you, and then act upon it, thus creating the best action, for all involved, if they- but look and learn.

Spiritual path is for those who can let go of their minds, trust their feelings,and act to their inner truth;  they do  this- by realizing, they must listen to answers, and not questions. Listening to answers means trusting your feelings to know what is best out of all the environments,  and lets you walk the path best for your health, growth, hope and allows your best to burst out in rays of spiritual love, beauty and hope, and those who are wise will pick up on this, and use these to find their own inner truth.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!