(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


We have said that each person’s enemy, is Outside, by this we mean all of social levels, families, relatives, and so on, and what they do.

They do not try to draw us in to what they’re doing, but undercurrents are that if you are there, then you must get involved in whatever is going on. This is a false social norm.

How do we keep ourselves on track, and doing what is best for us- by letting go of our minds, and trusting our feelings. 

Scary!? It only seems so, because your mind, doesn’t want to give up its superiority, in directing your energy, time, creativity, doing and so on. If you invest in Outside craziness, then you get caught up in all the levels of social interaction, and have to use your mind to try to win, at whatever you find yourself involved in. 

Mind wants to win over any problem, issue, etc., it comes in contact with, and will stay occupied with this until, diverted to something else, but it will be working on the OG problem in the background. It keeps going till it runs into a dead end, then it stops, and goes back to the beginning, and starts the mental determination to find the answer, again, and will continue to do so, as long as you let your mind tell you what is best for you.

The opposite of this is being centered within yourself, and looking at Outside, as a myriad of vibrations, starts, finishes, and whatever else is going on in the environmental space, but is not the environment. 

What does this mean, the mind tries to en capsulize, everything into units, where it can work with and find the answer to the question, or to another question found along the way, or give up in disgust, if it can’t come up with some kind of answer.

It feels it can do anything, and by meshing with all the goings on Outside, puts the person’s center Outside of themselves, in the fabrication of Outside, doing things, without regard to right, wrong or indifference.

This is the hook of Outside, to get you to place your center in a non-existent, which is a tumbling process of new, old, indifference, etc., all based on mind, or rational emotive emotions, which are thoughts, with fears placed around them, so they become debilitating.

The instant you place your center Outside, you are playing in the field of non-existents. You cannot win in non-existents; you can only pursue different things, that end, blow up, etc., so you have to continue to try to build your place in an environmental space, where the environmental space is real, and Outside is found only within the centered interactions of everything determined to live in Outside and conquer it.

The only place you can find your truth is within yourself.