Gathering 12

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I thought it might be time to give you a little of my spiritual background, what I’ve studied and so on:

1. I studied Egyptian Religion, became an Egyptian Priest, then left it, for it didn’t feel right

2. Studied Psychic Talents, Abilities,Skills through meditation, with Edith Gable, a fabulous psychic and teacher

3. Studied Eastern Religions, or rather yoga philosophy, and meditation, left this as well

4. meditated 7 to 10 hours a day for 3 years, then decided I needed to live, and not just meditate

5. Looked at Native American Religion, but didn’t feel right with it

6. Looked at healing, by prayer, affirmation, etc.

7. Got a BA in Philosophy, with interests in anthropology and community psychology

8. Studied transpersonal psychology, bodymind therapy, bioenergetics, Rolfing, and others

9. Worked with dreams, by a technique used by Fritz Perls- role playing

10. Did Creative Fantasy Groups, while in college, loved it and still do

11. Became aware of symbols, in everyday life, and the interaction of seemingly totally different processes, but really one verifies or starts the other on a path of learning

12. Studied and became a sorcerer, under the Don Juan sorcerers, left this as well

13. Develop my own spiritual path, called Dream Dancing and/or Self- Genesis

14. I am a life coach, I have an eclectic approach

15. I am a brown belt in karate

16. I am a psychic

17. I am an abductee/contactee, brought about by ETs

18. I am a writer

19. I am a Rowdies Rangers; primitives, who were and are kidnapped by ETs and taken aboard their Motherships, and put through terrible things, and used in terrible ways- humans and others..

You have dreams, or daydreams, of you as a terrible person, etc., these are all dreams, and can be worked through by role playing, with each element/character within the dream, sequence, etc.l all of these are your unconscious talking to you

These are self-angers we take out on ourselves, rather than dealing with them head on; we bank our anger, into an anger bank, till it gets full, and we then erupt,over the slightest thing, and attack whoever caused it, totally inappropriately, for what happened, which is usually some small thing, but it breaks the camels back, and you rip into them.

We will be going over many things in the weeks and months ahead, so please keep coming, and if you have questions or comments, please post them, and I’ll try to answer them.

Gathering 11

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                                                       (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Money is one of the tools, people use to tie themselves to Outside, they play the games of Outside to live within the world, not only within Outside, basic necessities are tied up in the game of Outside, as those, who own these makers, growers, etc., put these items on the open market, the stock market, etc..

How are we supposed to look at money; the want of money, for something, the use of money to play as we want to play, how much time we spend on trying to bring in enough money to afford the things we need and allow us to play, and do things we want to do, which usually cost money.

How are we to look at money? Simply. Money is a tool, it is not the root of all sin, but is a tool, people use to bring into their lives what they want. They want more than they have, then they get hooked into the credit game, which is crooked from the word go, and thus, pay not only the price, for what they buy, but whatever interest the Credit companies, want to charge. 

The US Government gave to the Credit Card companies a pay raise of forty billion dollars, and then to get business on their side, made going  bankrupt harder. 

It’s okay for business to use every trick in the book to get you ot spend or expand your credit, so they get more of your money monthly, weekly, etc., but its not okay, for you to stop the game, and get off the credit card spinning wheel, for you owe them money, and interest; the interest being criminal activity, to get the consumer to tie themselves up, and owe their lives to the credit card companies, and the corporations.

Obama, is simply another Bush; he has panned to the wealthy, business, etc., and puts more and more money in their pockets, while forcing Americans to pay if they do not have insurance, which isn’t socialism, or communism, but fascism, the President and every congressperson, who voted to pass that unconstitutional bill, including the head judge of the supreme court, should be recalled, and put out of office.

Money is the bottom of all this, in plain sight, but what is even more clear, is that the real reason money is wanted, and is exploited, is for the building of personal power, political power, and home political power. 

America’s system demands you buy, buy, buy, if you don’t, then the government can’t spend lavishly on projects that help the shadow government, to funnel millions, billions into black programs, around the world.

The experience is now, for you and I, to take our money, into our hands, and out of the corporate and governmental powers, who need it to expand their worth and to gain more and more political power. 

What can we do: 1. Stop using credit, 2. or only have credit cards for emergencies, 2. Put all Republicans and Democrats out of office, and elect greens or other new party members, 3. live within your means, 4. plan, so you can have fun, in your life, as well as necessities, 5. band together and find ways of building money power, and begin investing, 6. buy real estate, 7. you may want to invest in startups, 8. start connecting with other power bases, and build a national party to go head to head with both old line parties, 9. limit campaign spending, 10. hold politicians responsible, for what they say they will do, 11. build communities, and take power away from the feds and the states, make communities, which band together and work to allow all people to live comfortably, 12. find ways to cut feds/state governments off, and make them directly responsible to the communities of the nation and the world, 13. help all people to find and achieve their dreams, as long as its legal, 14. bring together the agricultural cultures, and work with them to grow what we need now, and surpluses, for times when we are low on what we need, 15. build creativity, music, and the arts, so all can enjoy them, 16. be self-centering, all your action starts from within, and any Outside actions, you feel, and by trusting your feelings, and with intuition decide if it’s worthy of your backing, you are your best decider in all matters, restructure education, so kids actually learn many subjects, and not just the same ones, which the corporations need to expand their products, 17. build great libraries by having it within the persons who do it, and create and utilize ways of recording, putting down, and reassembling creative arts, new businesses, new ways of sharing with others, and always, from your within to your actions in the Outside.

Humans around the world refuse to be self-responsible, but deny their own energies, talents, abilities and skills, so whatever they do isn’t their responsibility, but someone else’s. 

Be brave, step up and be self-responsible. You are it, and you can express it!

Gathering 10- Money is an inducer to tie yourself to Outside

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                                                    (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


Money is one of the main reason people tie themselves to Outside, for it’s the way we get products we need, space to live in, things to enjoy, get friends, mates and get educated. 

All of these are activities of Outside, but where the person goes wrong, in dealing with these Outside activities, and gathering the things he/she need to live, is  they take their inner center and place it in getting these things, rather than keeping it within themselves, so they don’t get caught up in the frantic goings on, of Outside, but stand apart from it, and allow the noise, the seduction, the pleasure, the logic or illogic, flow around him or her, allowing the Outside to be itself, while we simply get what we need, and then depart, leaving Outside going on, with those- who are caught up in its seduction, and only seeing their well being is tied to Outside, rather than Outside simply being a place where things needed are gotten, without getting sucked into the noise and the demand of you to tie yourself to Outside, to put your inner center here, and get caught up in problem solving, or trying to work the system, etc., so you lose contact with yourself, and you are totally enthralled by what is going on within your sections of Outside, and you try to gain within these sections, so you can be seen as a success.

Unfortunately, even if you win Outside, you lose; you’re drawn deeper into all the levels of Outside, for when you win, you become a target, others work against, to be able to beat you. 

When you become  wrapped up in Outside, you become followers of that which is known Outside, and get caught up in defending it, expanding it, or leaving it behind., as you discover new paths of Outside, which can then draw others to spend their time fruitlessly, panning it, backing it, ignoring it, fighting it, and so on, all meaning- you’re detaching yourself from you, and having your inner center within you, and placing it out on the nothingness of Outside, which activity is simply a scene upon air, with no substance. 

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