(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013


Money is one of the main reason people tie themselves to Outside, for it’s the way we get products we need, space to live in, things to enjoy, get friends, mates and get educated. 

All of these are activities of Outside, but where the person goes wrong, in dealing with these Outside activities, and gathering the things he/she need to live, is  they take their inner center and place it in getting these things, rather than keeping it within themselves, so they don’t get caught up in the frantic goings on, of Outside, but stand apart from it, and allow the noise, the seduction, the pleasure, the logic or illogic, flow around him or her, allowing the Outside to be itself, while we simply get what we need, and then depart, leaving Outside going on, with those- who are caught up in its seduction, and only seeing their well being is tied to Outside, rather than Outside simply being a place where things needed are gotten, without getting sucked into the noise and the demand of you to tie yourself to Outside, to put your inner center here, and get caught up in problem solving, or trying to work the system, etc., so you lose contact with yourself, and you are totally enthralled by what is going on within your sections of Outside, and you try to gain within these sections, so you can be seen as a success.

Unfortunately, even if you win Outside, you lose; you’re drawn deeper into all the levels of Outside, for when you win, you become a target, others work against, to be able to beat you. 

When you become  wrapped up in Outside, you become followers of that which is known Outside, and get caught up in defending it, expanding it, or leaving it behind., as you discover new paths of Outside, which can then draw others to spend their time fruitlessly, panning it, backing it, ignoring it, fighting it, and so on, all meaning- you’re detaching yourself from you, and having your inner center within you, and placing it out on the nothingness of Outside, which activity is simply a scene upon air, with no substance.