(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

I thought it might be time to give you a little of my spiritual background, what I’ve studied and so on:

1. I studied Egyptian Religion, became an Egyptian Priest, then left it, for it didn’t feel right

2. Studied Psychic Talents, Abilities,Skills through meditation, with Edith Gable, a fabulous psychic and teacher

3. Studied Eastern Religions, or rather yoga philosophy, and meditation, left this as well

4. meditated 7 to 10 hours a day for 3 years, then decided I needed to live, and not just meditate

5. Looked at Native American Religion, but didn’t feel right with it

6. Looked at healing, by prayer, affirmation, etc.

7. Got a BA in Philosophy, with interests in anthropology and community psychology

8. Studied transpersonal psychology, bodymind therapy, bioenergetics, Rolfing, and others

9. Worked with dreams, by a technique used by Fritz Perls- role playing

10. Did Creative Fantasy Groups, while in college, loved it and still do

11. Became aware of symbols, in everyday life, and the interaction of seemingly totally different processes, but really one verifies or starts the other on a path of learning

12. Studied and became a sorcerer, under the Don Juan sorcerers, left this as well

13. Develop my own spiritual path, called Dream Dancing and/or Self- Genesis

14. I am a life coach, I have an eclectic approach

15. I am a brown belt in karate

16. I am a psychic

17. I am an abductee/contactee, brought about by ETs

18. I am a writer

19. I am a Rowdies Rangers; primitives, who were and are kidnapped by ETs and taken aboard their Motherships, and put through terrible things, and used in terrible ways- humans and others..

You have dreams, or daydreams, of you as a terrible person, etc., these are all dreams, and can be worked through by role playing, with each element/character within the dream, sequence, etc.l all of these are your unconscious talking to you

These are self-angers we take out on ourselves, rather than dealing with them head on; we bank our anger, into an anger bank, till it gets full, and we then erupt,over the slightest thing, and attack whoever caused it, totally inappropriately, for what happened, which is usually some small thing, but it breaks the camels back, and you rip into them.

We will be going over many things in the weeks and months ahead, so please keep coming, and if you have questions or comments, please post them, and I’ll try to answer them.