(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

The problems in your life, many times are caused by your taking on others problems; this doesn’t help them, but only makes them more dependent on the services of others

Trust your feelings to know, when it’s right, to help others, where they will learn from the experience of shared working on.

What causes this loss of self or center is you’re way of looking at Outside, all things outside of you, you are the Center of your ability to live happy and free. It helps to center yourself within yourself, and see everything else as a process, flowing by you, and you find the best processes, which will help you the most.

Each of us is whole within themselves, everything outside of ourselves, is simply icing on the cake.

To make it rich frosting, you refuse to get caught up in the processes of Outside, and realize Outside wins, only if you jump into it to play the games serious or not, that is happening around you.

It is best for you to be where trouble is not, and the best way to know this- is to trust your feelings, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

Staying centered in yourself is hard, when you live in the world, and not simply watch it as monks do, in many religions, but they are still caught in the game, for they focus Outside of themselves on others to make game, by being with others, and becoming one with them.

Making game, or starting a new game means you are placing your center within the game you are playing rf producing, and you repress half of your being to play or produce and play your game.

Outside is all about playing games- life, criminal, home, business, work, etc., and all have rules, regulations, passions, etc., to draw your inner self away from you, trusting your feelings, to brain play, of using the less than feelings, brain acumen, to do the games you’re using or caught up in.

Reason, and rational emotive thoughts are limited; they work by repressing half or more of the available you to figure out what is going on in the game you’re playing- here and now, and the others you have on your mind to think what you can do within them.

Outside game players exist by knowledge and research and thinking; where thinking- if you can’t find the answer simply flops back on itself, and starts down the same street you just went down.

The only act you can do be true to yourself, comes only- from you trusting your feelings, and acting without thinking, to accomplish the goal that is necessity wanted or needed right here and now.