(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2013

Life is what we make of it, in contest with our spirit, who when planning out certain events, for this life to experience, was looking out of rose-colored glasses, and thought we could do more, than we might think of as impossible.

This is why part of life’s journey is to find these planned junctions, and by pass the ones- we feel are not good, for our health. How do we do this, and won’t our spirit be mad, we don’t do what it planned out in the interactive obstacle course, of life,  it laid out for us, with no thought we might die, or be seriously hurt, because the spirit knows it can work through anything and will find the way to make everything come out gloriously.

Fat chance! Your life is filled with experience bombs, not of your own making, but of your spirit, wanting to test out theories, see how you can escape, see what you do in the situation, and how capable you are in handling, these dropshots of the spirit, if you are in the right mind place you will win through, if not, then your life experience just got harder, but you can handle it, for you’re this dream being, your spirit thinks/sees you as.

How do we avoid them- mediation, psychic sight of the experience bombs, before they happen, choosing another path, which may or may not work, for the experience bomb only adapts to your choices, so you have to deal with it straight on, and make the experience bomb, go off- in a contained way. How you ask?

By trusting your feelings, and smacking your hand against another hand, square on, with a solid sound, and no weak outer less sounding or anything with a solid, giving surface, which allow you to hear, when you hit solidly, and explodes the dropshots, and frees you from its parameters.

This is how to escape experience bombs, etc.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!