(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To begin your journey in becoming Self-Genesis, Dream Dancer, Jedi Knight, Jedi, we want to talk about groundness.

What is groundness?

Groundness is being rooted to the Earth and connected to the air, thus you are grounded, in bodymind and spirit, so you don’t feel unbalanced, afraid of falling if touched, incapable of walking,  always looking as if a push would send you tumbling.

Visualization is a strong, psychological, and spiritual method of building new ideas, new experiences and feelings of down to earthness. This creates a new picture of you, others see, when they first see you, and throughout their interaction with you. You are steady, strong and fulfilled, as if you were a rock of the Earth, and it shows in the way you hold yourself, how you move, and how you go forward, backward or side to side, with groundness.

Friendships, love, etc., all become deeper and more aware, as you learn to know each other, and recognize each is whole within themselves, and each acts out of that wholeness. that freshness, and that groundness, to explore, to be intimate, and to build trust- between the two, or more, of you.

You are vibrational energy, as is the Earth, and everything in existence, this means that everything is adaptive, and capable of being something new, when the need is there. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you know of who you are, for there is a vast wonder within you, which you know nothing about, for it comes into play, when there is psychic/physical need, and you answer it- from the center of your being, and your bodymind.

Your bodymind is what you “will to love ” it to be, and make it, with your actions.

Bad thoughts, negativity, all of this, the dark, badness, evilness is nothing but ignorance, and ignorance floats on the outside of the real you, and can only be, if it convinces you what it is saying and what it is about- is truth. It isn’t, so look into these things, work with them, and trust your feelings, about what your life energy is saying, about what your doing, how you’re doing it, and how you see yourself.

Blast 1- You are a great person; there is no other you anywhere.

Blast 2- Recognize this, and accept it- you are wonderful, allow yourself and others see the real you, and let go of the Outside you, you create to get by, etc., in Outside.

May the Force be with you!