(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

In our daily lives, we must deal with Outside, or hide away, and wish that we could do something about our lives, but it isn’t possible, so we wallow in our ineffectiveness of living.

We as Self-Genesis Practitioners, Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers say we allow the Outside to be what it is, but we don’t allow it to grab us by its wealth, its pleasures, its concentrations, and so on, but how do we do this.

Jung divided humans into extroverts and introverts; the ones who have the most trouble in letting go of Outside, is the one who has gained the most within it- and how do they do this, by putting their inner centers within Outside, and see their value, their worth, in what they can mine out of Outside, and what they can do, to show how smart and wonderful they are, so their self-worth comes from what others think of them.

Introverts are the shy ones, the ones, who want to be in the Outside, but because of one reason or the other haven’t found the way to do that. They are wanna bes, of living within the Outside.

Well, how do we live and interact with Outside, and still manage to have our inner centers within us, and not let them be projected out to Outside, and thus our center of being is found only within the machinations of Outside.

The first thing to do is to realize you’re a whole within yourself- you don’t have to have anything from Outside, thus Outside flows around you, and you choose what or who you want to interact with. You don’t fall for Outside’s enticements, or promises or wealth or beauty or any other thing Outside can offer for a price; the price- Your inner center within it, and you caught up in all of the machinations of Outside, and your self-worth tied up in others, and in how you play the game of Outside.

What are some of the ways we can do to keep ourselves within ourselves, when we’re far from Outside, thus not susceptible to its charms, or we find the way to make Outside- flow around us, where we choose who or what we’re going to interact with, and how long we’re going to interact with it, and what we’re going to take from Outside, without falling into its mass blindness, passion, desire for things, rather than the most important things- friends, snugness, self-reliance, self-responsibility, self- respect, high self-esteem and groundness, that helps you be stable,and resist the machinations of Outside.

Awareness of what you’re doing and choosing to not have your inner center outside of you, where it cannot help you, and demands you play the game Outside, so you and it can get what it needs, and gather what it doesn’t need, but has to show hierarchial stature within the levels of Outside.

When your within you, there is only one level- you as a whole, as a microcosmic whole interacting with the Microcosmic Force, individual wholes/fulls, individually. This is an chosen interaction, and the interaction is free, clear, strengthful, open, musically, and all actions come from within, and not from Outside.

May the Force be with you!