(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

Music is vibration, and is caused by picking a string, hitting the keys of a piano, etc, beating on a drum, and so on, all of these are so something happens directly in accord with the first action. Music then is a secondary movement, to the first movement, whether soft, average or hard.

If the first movement is hard, the sound will be hard and loud, and so on. The Big Bang was hard and powerful, so why didn’t it create a hard, and simply another sound music, rather than creating a universe, whole within itself, at that exact movement.

Why, because the first movement furnished the impetus to self-create into symbolic reality, followed by symbolic patterns, swirls, etc., and these by their and the first movement created symbols of the interaction between hard, loud movement, into symbolic, tonal, softening movement, creating, patterns of swirls of energy ( hard, loud movement, now slowing down to reflecting the first movement, not as itself, but what it created and what was created in the dance of first, and secondary movement, of not one source, but symbolic sources covering all levels, of what was expressed in the hard, loud, movement of the Big Bang.

At the same time, within the first movement, there was a movement outward, but within that was a movement to slow it down, to make it stop going forward at a unsustainable speed and effect, so within itself, there came backward counter movement to all movements expanding outward, at a destructive end, for it couldn’t hold itself together, and it would dissipate and be gone, till another movement grew that could start the big bang all over again.

This did not have to happen, for this big bang, and there were many others, was just right, for the counter movement not only slowed the enlarging universe, but had within it the right symbolic counter movements, patterns to slow it down enough to create a stable and expanding universe, which when it reached it’s point of enlargeness, wouldn’t snap back on itself, for there is no self to go back to, the big bang is history, and the Universe in itself, is the future and the now, and it exists because of all the symbols, patterns, energies, creations going on within it, every nano/micro experience, which happens to make the Universe into a stable reflection of not only itself, but a tapestry of all the movements, counter movements and symbolic patterns and actions, which cause beginnings and endings, without end.

The Universe is growing, it isn’t simply expanding, and when it reaches its correctness, its full growth it will be whole, full and will produce its stablity for eons to come, because of the secondary movements within it, moving not only to itself, but to that which lies around it, not limited by it, but simply being aware of what is around it, as it causes its own birth, because of the need of the Universe to express itself, and to learn from new, free, and self-responsible whole/full being, symbol, etc.

The Universe is alive, and it is growing, and when it is grown, it will live a life so vast that it itself doesn’t know how long it will exist, and those all within it, will continue to be the creation of heat, and energy, to keep its life full and whole, for the new residents within itself, to come, which will express, create and grow newness throughout the Universe, in interactive symbolic action, feelings, and knowing.

The Universe is not only physical, but its a living being, filled with that which makes it whole, full, balanced and growing, and how it knows what is necessary for it, isn’t through only movement on a physical level, but what the energy around each of these patterns, symbols, etc., create by living their energies, totally, and with total concentration on getting the most out of their lives, their movements, their energies, and so on.

Psychic talents, abilities and skills are inbred into the Universe and every living and non-living form within it, and this is a growth pattern and a feeling flowing, which allows the Universe to be a fully, aware, breathing and growing entity, which has its own path, and because of the symbols within it, live and cause newness, and endings, their brilliance cause the Universe to be aware of them, or not, depending on what works best, for each of them.

We live in a Living Universe, through movement, and counter movement, and energy psychic newness, and memory, showing what was and what is going to be. Join in the beauty of you, and live knowing you are an i important, whole being, within the totality of the Universe, who is or isn’t aware of you, by what you do with your energies and your actions.