(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

We all need to go on a journey of self-discovery, exploring all fields, areas, of knowledge, to see where we feel comfortable. At the same time, we need to learn to know and listen to ourselves, so we meditate, we dream, we daydream, we create, we dance, we sing, we play music, we watch tv, we watch dvds, and know we are more that what we can ever know. We are whole/full within ourselves, and interact with the Micorocosmic Force wholes/fulls individually.

Each of us interact with Microcosmic Force wholes/fulls, in our own individual way, so no two interactions are ever the same. 

Dream Dancers/Self-Genesis Practitioners are individual, but can resolve into a network, and then out again. They walk a singular path, that is them, and no one else’s.

Dream Dancers practice self-authority, self-responsibility, high self-esteem, listening, reflecting, acting and doing, without thinking, they act in the only way they can to be true to themselves.

What about other people? They are given the respect to be able to walk their own paths, and to listen to their bodymind, and the environment, to make the right choices. 

Personal responsibility is the key to living a life that is beneficial for you, and all those around you, for they can see truth, if they wish, and can act in their own truth, and by doing so, learn by the light of your truth. 

We can learn from others, but only from those who act in the truth of their beings expressed through movement and doing. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!