(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

You are a beautiful person, and good to your inner most spirit; don’t ever let anyone make you feel you’re not.

In our environments, there are always those, who would want us to feel bad about ourselves, to bring us down to their level in the sewer, those who want to intimidate us, who want to turn people against us, stab us in the back, and so on.

It is unfortunate, that without counseling, many times these negative efforts work, and we turn what isn’t our thoughts against us, dumping on ourselves, for all we’re worth; In the environments of the world, it is easier to dump on yourself, then dump on others, for spiritual truth, and goodness, is the exception, rather than the rule.

This is a false assumption, for spiritual truth and goodness begins and is transformed to action in true state of mind and being, from within you. You act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and by being true to yourself, you are true in your interactions with all those outside of you.

Outside is the enemy of this peace and tranquility, for it is the harbor, the grounds, for all those who have lost contact with their inner selves, and try to live in their minds, and find it a lonely oasis, which fails time and time again.

Spirit means trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

It means respecting yourself and others, in your family, neighborhood, town, city, state, nation and planetary citizens, who are called terrans.

It is being self-responsible, when things go wrong, see how you made the decisions leading to, and leading away from the incident, which happened to you.

We feed our negative belief/picture we have ourselves, by bringing in every negative we can, we have negative thoughts, and that shows we are a bad person, we have bad dreams… we’re a bad person.

Nothing could be further from the truth; thoughts are not owned by us, they’re simply thoughts you’re having about something, etc;, they can be worked through; dreams are communication from your unconscious; they symbolize their communication, since they aren’t able to talk to you using vocal chords.

Gestalt Therapy, utilizes the psychological technique of role playing, and one of its tenets, given to us by Dr. Fritz Perls, is that everything in a dream is you, so you can work with them, to find out what they are symbolizing, representing by role playing.

Role playing is where you place two chairs facing each other, one is you, and the other is the character/the element you’re working with from your dream.

Before you begin- list all the characters/the elements in the dream, then go over and feel which are figure ( they stand out to you as important ); mark them, and these are the ones you will work with first.

Sit in the chair which is you, and ask- What do you have to say to me?

You, then get up and sit in the other chair, and become the element/character you have chosen to work with.

You continue, until you feel done with it, then you take the next character/element and do the same with it, till you have gone through all the figure elements/characters; you then go back to you character/element list, and look at it again, and see if there are any new figures, now. If they are, work with them, till you have gone through all of them, then go back to your list. If there are more work with them, and if there’s not, and their are characters/elements left, you role play with background, and when you’ve done this, you’re done with this dream.

The same holds true, for day dreams, though, daydreams can be creative processes, you work on in your mind, they can be still worked with, if you feel it would be beneficial to you.

Your mind, being , spirit picks up on symbols, faster, or as fast as it does if there is verbal exchange going on.

We call this Dream Symbology- for all things in any environment, can be seen as dreams, and characters/elements, within the scene, can be listed, and the figure elements/characters chosen are role played with, until there are no more, and then finish up with background, as the final character/element.

Remember in this technique everything in your dream, daydream, etc., is you, thus it has a direct meaning to you. Discover what you are trying to say to yourself. Happy Dreaming!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!