(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

When we feel we’re a bad person, because no one loves us, everyone thinks we’re awful, etc., most of the time- these thoughts are simply symbols, to show us what we feel about ourselves is right.

We utilize our choices of what we do or want to do, or what we want to bring about to make us happy, but then when we get it, it soon bores us, and we have to sabotage it, to keep our image of ourselves- alive and well.

Living under the lash of how we feel about ourselves, when that image is of a bad, mean, ugly, etc. person, it makes us choose, and to ignore other thoughts, warnings, so we can hurt ourselves, and then blame ourselves, for not stopping it from happening. This is a no win position.

How deep in the depths in our belief or rather our forced way of looking at ourselves, make us either unhappy and dark, or happy, but dark all the same, for we’re being shown how bad we truly are, and this verification makes us ecstatic!

Our lives become miserable, as we find all kinds of ways to dump on ourselves, showing us how bad, poor of a person we are, and how we shouldn’t have been born.

We wrap ourselves in our misery, and even though, we go out to have fun, it usually goes awry and we dump on ourselves for spoiling our good time.

This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy, we say what’s going to happen, then do all in our ability to make it happen.

What all this is saying, is, we’re what we believe we are; if you want to open up, allow light in, and see yourself in a positive way, you can do so, and you can create a new image of yourself.

Don’t say it isn’t working, after trying for an hour, a day, a year, and then giving up, you’re using your anger at yourself, to show yourself once more- how bad, how evil, a person you are.

This shows, when you’ve been one way for a long time, it takes time to show your bodymind, that you truly want to be this new person: use microcosmic force blessings, lighten up on dumping on yourself, be rational in what you set up by doing affirmations, make them capable of happening, and not a pie in the sky wish, that hasn’t a chance of coming true, then use this failure to dump on yourself, and depending on how low you’re on yourself, that could lead to darker avenues of taking your anger out on yourself.

Remember your a life, and life is beautiful, it is how we observe it, that makes it light or dark for us, travel in light, and transform the darkness through Microcosmic Force Blessings, Microcosmic Force Blessing Affirmations, and Microcosmic Force Blessing Love of Self, and all that you are.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!