# 31 Wanting what you don’t have

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Broadcast 1- The Awakening has begun; next, comes the Twinkling!


Seeing something you want, then obsessing over it, can lead, to doing things to get it, that are immoral, illegal, criminal, and so on.

You’re living your life, and are a enticed member of Outside, where how good you are at playing the games of Outside, says what kind of life you’re going to have.

Outside is geared to wealth, success at whatever cost, no matter what you have to do to get it; if you win you’re at the top of the game, and so on.

You see something you want, but it;s already taken, far above you, too much money, etc..

You’re upset, over not being able to attain what you can’t have, so you begin to rationalize what it would take to get it, and rationalize what you’re willing to do to get it.

You’re slipping into the realm of rationalization, where you can convince yourself any behavior is all right, as long as it gets you your prize.

Rationalization allows a person, to lie to themselves, and to believe, the behavior needed to get what they want, is okay, if it gets them what they  are fixated on wanting, and they’ll pay them back at a later date, or their good works will benefit the loser as well.

The more you obsess over what you can’t have; the more you stray into immoral behavior, rationalizing its goodness for you, and giving you a reason to get what you are a flame with.

Now, you cross the line, of goodness, law, morality, and etc., to get what you want, you’re willing to do anything, and its all right, for you have accepted the action, as good, not only for you, but for all involved.

By now, you have convinced yourself, your actions, are the best actions, for you and for your target, which you want to make your own, and who will love you, benefit you, and will be the best possible outcome for all involved.

If it isn’t the best outcome for all, it is for you, and that’s all that matters, now, because you have already made the object of your insane desire, your own, it’s what’s meant to be, and if anyone gets in your way, they must suffer the consequences.

This insanity, this rationalization of untruth over truth, leads to hurts, pain and desperation, as you try to change what is, into your favor, and your what is best, for all involved, you’re doing this for the other, and you know they’re going to realize it one day.

This is one of the games of Outside; Outside exists, because it creates needs of what is found within it, over what is found within the person, who acts in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and who lives/acts/grows/builds starting within their inner Source Radiance, while those who succumb to the Outside, must fare, unhealthly. because they are repressing their inner action, for their minds, which are limited in their scope to understand situations, and when stumped, jumps back to the beginning, and starts down the same path it just went down, which leads to the same ending.

Outside is the cause of war, famine, disease, etc., all are games, within Outside, who grows, with how much damage individuals do, in their route to win the game they’re playing consciously, or unconsciously.

Trust your feelings, act in the only way you can act, and divide Outside and walk the path of Source Radiance Truth, acting to the betterment of all who see you, and who can then use this peace, love and tranquility, to grow within themselves.

Be directed by your inner center; and not by what you think you can acquire, playing the games which built and builds Outside, and creates the negatives we see everyday.

All actions starts inside.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


# 30 You are your Source

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


One of the graven aspects of living is other peoples opinion, of you, of what you do, how you are, and so on. 

They need to downbeat someone, to feel big, within themselves. 

Some of the worst, power-oriented persons, who do this, are teachers, coaches, bosses, parents to children, and so on. 

A friend was a pitcher, and he had a bad day, the coach comes out and yells, and does a total personal attack on my friend; my friend quits playing baseball, and doesn’t do it to this day. 

The baseball coach, who did this, should be verbal horsewhipped, with his own words, but about his personal being, as he liked to yell, at my friend. 

Anger, is the reason, for the outburst, most of the time; or wanting to hurt another, so instead of focusing on the behavior, we focus on a personal, blitz attack on the person. 

This hurts, and can destroy, the person’s belief in themselves, if this is done, by an authority figure, or someone the victim respects. 

The same holds true of sex offenders, who bring the child into their warped world of sexual needs, and then utilize the threat of personal violence, to force the child into a mold of their making, without any regard, for the child. 

What we have here is the utilization of false power, of someone, who knows better about the victim, than the victim does of themselves. The victim, allows that, because the person, parent, teacher, older person, has more authority than they do, what they say must be right, so they twist their self-worth, to be the worthless being, the authority says they are. 

Zitzoids! These so called authorities are taking out their weakness on someone else, so they can feel good about themselves, be entertaining, or showing what a ruthless authority they are.

They prop themselves up, on someone else’s expense; they are the dirt dogs of the world. They are so unsure of themselves, the only way they can know their weak self-worth, is by beating up on others, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

So here’s what’s up:

1. These so called authorities, are only authorities in their fields, and this authority does not carry over to other fields of endeavors.

2. Genius, or learned behavior, does not make you a genius, a learned worker, in other areas.

3. If you have a need to berate someone, then you aren’t an authority, but a weak energy person, who can only jump start themselves, by being vicious to others.

4. Authority, position, degrees, level of expertise, does not give you the right to berate someone else, as if you’re better than they are, for you’re not, you are an individual, as they are, and talent, gives blessings, but unfortunately, not brains, but only emotional power, to demand respect, even if they haven’t earned it.

5.My friend took, that vicious coach’s view of who he was, rather than staying with his own belief in himself, because he was taught, trained, and forced into the external, philosophical belief system, which is stagnant, so it cannot be changed, of physical knowledge creates a viable way of life, it does not.

6. Authoritative families, teachers, coaches, athletes, students, etc., who are so unsure of themselves, build up rules of the game, which in the end, value them over all others, so they become the king/queen of the hill, and everyone is fair game, for their tongue, brute force, and knowledge of expertise; standing up to these blowhards is the first step toward reasserting, your own belief system- of who you are- and building a wholeness, which doesn’t allow any outside force to tell you who you are; for they can’t, they can only know themselves, and no one else.

7. This is the powerful key to these people who berate you to make themselves feel better, to get a point across, which they never do, for everyone who is the brunt of their anger and abuse, puts up walls, to protect themselves, from this bully.

8. My friend’s baseball coach is and was a bully.

9. People outside of you, try to make you believe false things about yourself, so they can feel good about themselves, so how do we not allow this to happen:  by Source Radiance.

 10. Source Radiance is the knowing, the seeing, the feeling, that you, within yourself, within your spirit, and within ,                                                     , are the highest of the high for you. 

11. Your being is grounded within you, your totality and your unknowable Source Raidance, which is always, where the consciousness of you isn’t, so your consciousness is a report of what the Source Radiance, you, was when you were at that spot, experience, expression, etc., thus you’re ever behind your total you, but you are where you were, and when you find yourself there, there’s a lesson in it for you to find, experience and learn from. 

12. Your Source Radiance is the total you, without preconceive, limitations about yourself, which you created, when you created your own spirit, thus you limited yourself, to be able to touch others, and to be touched by them. You’re both you, and beyond what you could ever know of yourself, only act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. 

13. This Source Radiance is beyond knowing, it is action, without concept, and it is and isn’t at the same time, you can only know what it was, never what you are, when you are acting within Source Radiance. 

14. Here is one way my friend could have handled this situation: I hear you are angry, and you are using a personal attack on me, to make you feel better. I do not accept your behavior, and if you do not show me the respect I’m due, then I will not stand here any longer, and will leave the field. This means the coach stops his personal attack, or you walk away, if he attacks you physically, then you can take him before the authorities over him, and get him fired, for he is the worse kind of coaches,. If he physically attacks you, and if you know how to defend yourself, you have the right to stop the attack, to the point where, he is unable to attack you again, you can then leave the field, and at the same time, keep an eye on him, to make sure he doesn’t attack you again. 

Source Radiance, is simply the total you, beyond the physical, mental, spiritual, and the joy, the abundance of each of our lifves; we’re capable of doing whatever it is we want to do. 

The above is negative, power criticism, which is based on having authority over you, and not only on their own person, or it could be on their bully power, or whatever. 

Positive criticism, is beneficial to you, for it shows you what you’re doing wrong, what you could do, or what is possible, or what may beyond what you think you can do, but they know you can do more, this type of help is valuable, and we must be open to hear it, for it helps us tune into us, to better ourselves, and expand our horizons, beyond where we may think or have never thought of. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!






# 29 The Little People

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

There are many things in our world, that unless you are tuning yourself, to be beyond real time, you might never see, though even then, you will still see things out of the corners of your eyes, or a flash, and now there’s nothing, or like someone is there, or watching you, and so on,

Sometimes, these flashes, or feelings of not being alone, or being watched, can be because you are being visited by the little people: fairies, pixies, leprechans, and hundreds more of different species.

Some are henchmen for the Paranga, or Highest Angel, whose responsibility, is the Planet Earth, and others around it. The little people help things grow, fairies/pixies, leprechans, and others. They like to have mess around to hide in, like outside, if you have a wild place, where everything is wild and let be, then it provides a cover for them, while they help the gardens, the plants, the grass and so on, thrive.

Findhorn gardens, grow huge vegetables, on grounds, which almost all would say it couldn’t grow anythin;, they work with the little people, and meditate to interact with them, and to learn how to live in harmony with them. They know the value of having the little people on your side.

This is one range of little people, but there are many others, who live free, and are not in the least harnessed, by Angels, or anyone else, they are called the Wilders, and they make their own way with their own people throughout the lands. This mean urban and rural, over the last couple of centuries, many of the little people have found ways to live and flourish in cities, towns, villages, and live quite happily there.

They’re a happy lot, and love vibrant colors, like deep emerald greens. and so on. They’re as vibrant, as their colors, and what they do is for their own joy, and if they like someone, will help them, in fair exchange, or in trade or because they want to.

There is another lot, who call themselves the Packers; they enjoy going into places, and finding things, and taking them, and put them in their homes. They usually try to leave something in return, if they have nothing, they bless the person, for being kind, to give them the object.

The little people, have many powers and gifts, to help them do what they need to do, so don’t expect to see them often, for they like not being known, it is a better atmosphere, for them.

There is another network, which are small, elusive, and nearly impossible to see, but they are much more energy oriented, and this is why humans like to enslave them, to do their bidding, not cool.

Elementals, are those beings, who can be found in fire, water, air, wood, electrical, and so on. They have their own powers, and they’re as great, as what they inhabit. It;s because of this, the Dark side of the Force, likes to capture and harness them, so they will have to do their bidding.

This is also not cool, no being should be enslaved, each one should be free.

What do these networks have to do with us? One, they are terrans, also; Two, they can be teachers and show humans how to become capable of working with the elements, dark wants complete control, light wants to work with them, and build friendship together.

Little people are always welcome at EnviroRadiance Fellowship, in friendship, love and harmony. 



We are here for you

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We are a full spiritual fellowship, we help with healings, spiritual needs, etc.

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Enviroradiance is a full fellowship, we have gatherings, one of which you are reading now, as well as, healing lists, blessings lists, and whatever is needed lists. We bless humans, autos, homes, rooms animals, and more. 

We invite you to work the path of the Jedi; a person who learns and practices the philosophy of Dream Dancing-Self-Genesis. The Philosophy is Microcosmic; we work and utilize the Microcosmic Force, Microcosmic Blessings, Affirm Blessings, and Microcosmic Blessings Microcosmic Blessings each one ( other blessings we make up or you make up to do what you want to do spiritually, for yourself or others. 

We have training programs, for you to become one of the spiritual teachers of the fellowship; if you’re into academia, we welcome you to become a spiritual academic, and everyone is welcome to read the gatherings, to join the Jedi, join as a Jedi Knight Trainee, a Self-Genesis Practitioner, or a Dream Dancer. 

We want to build the fellowship, so it is worldwide, and as an internet fellowship, we’re working on that now. 

We want you to come and feel the spirituality, and to gain from it, for your own spirituality.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


# 28 The Super Energy of Microcosmic Force Blessings

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To help you in your daily life, to help others, who want blessings, to help in an activity you want the best for, you utilize Microcosmic Force Blessings, Microcosmic Blessings, Affirm Blessings, and Microcosmic Blessings Microcosmic Blessing- each one.

This last category is for other Microcosmic Force Blessings you have created for yourself, or read, or heard, and have added it to your blessings, that you use in your spiritual work.

You may be a Dream Dancer, a Self-Genesis Practitioner, a Jedi, a Jedi Knight, or simply interested in the philosophy, but with these Blessings, your spirituality goes from being a passive position, to a highly energized position, in which, you work your spirituality, to help yourself and others.

Microcosmic Force Blessings, each one is an open-ended miracle-action-transformation and super etc., super etc., super etc. super etc. within itself, and in what it produces, in a totally- Microcosmic Force- spiritual way.

Speak your voice- Blessings are meant to be helpful to all, or to the one who needs it, and you do not have to be afraid of saying them out loud, or to yourself, for you’re the producer of the brilliance of the life scene, which is calling upon you, to help it- without strings attached.

This is the second, most productive of doing, saying, singing, symbolizing the Microcosmic Force Blessings- you’re producing, for the world at large or to the single or more entities, who have asked for, or want Microcosmic Force Blessings or Affirm Blessings, but with no strings attached. Dream Dancers/Self-Genesis Practitioners/Jedi/Jedi Knights stand behind this, all Blessings are given with no strings attached.

Affirm Blessings are those we work not from our Dream Dancer/Self-Genesis philosophy, spirituality, but in tune with others, who are adding their Blessings/Prayers to a particular need, or to the Universe, etc., as a wonder and beauty to behold, and live in.

Blessing may be given for anything, which is in need of them, create as many as you want, and give them out.

You can do this, and leave it a that, or you can add- super 360 degrees, vertical, horizontal, diagonals, in each and every direction, and each direction is filled, and overflowing  with an abundance of total amounts of Microcosmic Force Blessings, and total amounts of Super Microcosmic Force crystal white light, each direction and Blessings engulfs, permeates, flows through, energizes, blankets, overflows and goes super through and through. the target of these blessings

Expand the spirituality of Microcosmic Force/Self-Genesis/Jedi life energy throughout the cosmos and far, far, far, far beyonds.

May the Microcosmic Force Be with You!.

# 26 and # 27

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# 27 Make your own dream

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Dreams are wild, wicked, pure, angelic, and anything else you can think of, but we usually are depending on our unconscious/subconscious to build on whatever thought we’re having- whether we’re sleeping or dozing. 

Make you own dreams, does none of that- in make your own dreams you do just that- you set down with pen and paper; you make up your own dreams, by trusting your feelings, and building a set of elements, to use, as the dream elements, you’re building, to help yourself, or you can do this  for others, if they want you to build a dream for them.

An example of this is:

Anne Hathaway




kissing Anne’s hand

in a sci fi environment

dancing in a club

waling in a park

shadows of nude bodies

music playing ” Bolero “

Now, we have ten make a dream elements; we look at them, and see which stand out: 

1. Anne Hathaway ( symbol, not the real woman )

2. theater

3. sci fi environment

4. Bolero

Now, I would start with Anne Hathaway, and go down each element in turn, to see what it says about me, or what I am trying to achieve. 

I go back and look at the remaining elements, but none stand out, so I end the dream analysis, by role playing with background. 

This is one way of making your dream.

Second way, is to simply look around in your environment and pick out ten things that draw your attention, and list them, then look at them for figure or background. 

You might ask- wouldn’t they all be figures, for you chose them out of the environmental objects in the environment your in.

No, for they attract you, but this doesn’t mean they will, when you go to see if the stand out, as figures or not. 

Third way, get a tarot deck, shuffle them, and then spread them out, and pick out ten cards, turn them up, list them, then see which stands ou,t and role play with them, and continue to do this, till none standout, then end by role playing with background. 

Fourth way, close your eyes, turn around, point at something, ten times, then when handed the list, its best to have a lister to write down what you point out. Look at the list; pick out what stands out, and role play with them, then back to the list, to see if anymore stand out, if not, then you end with background, or you continue till none stand out, or you work with all of them, and there is no more, but still use background  as the final symbol interaction, for it stands for you and the environment you’re in. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


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# 26 Daydreams

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


We’ve looked at dreams, but what about the daydreams; we have, the half asleep/half awake dreamlike creative experiences we have where we’re in a half sleep state.

Daydreams, can be work related, personal related, sexual, and so on, and all of them can be broke down to the elements, which are either figure ( stand out ) or background ( are in supportive roles ).

You choose- which elements are which, in your day dream, by writing down all of the elements in the daydream, then seeing the figure symbols, working with each of them first, going back to background elements, and seeing if any of the elements are now standing out; if not, then you end the daydream role playing, with background, or you continue till there is no elements left, or none stand out, and you end by role playing with background.

Half asleep/half awake dreams, are mostly, where we try to work things out, that are bugging us, or are creative, to help us come up with a story, artwork idea, and so on.

Quasi Dreams elements are written down, the same as the other dream styles, and either, is role played with, or used to start a new creative work, a new idea of some kind to try out, a new invention to try and build, and so on.

Quasi Dreams are either symbolic or reality based, to help you be creative, inventive or whatever it is you want to be, do, or invent. It is up to you!

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