(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


One of the graven aspects of living is other peoples opinion, of you, of what you do, how you are, and so on. 

They need to downbeat someone, to feel big, within themselves. 

Some of the worst, power-oriented persons, who do this, are teachers, coaches, bosses, parents to children, and so on. 

A friend was a pitcher, and he had a bad day, the coach comes out and yells, and does a total personal attack on my friend; my friend quits playing baseball, and doesn’t do it to this day. 

The baseball coach, who did this, should be verbal horsewhipped, with his own words, but about his personal being, as he liked to yell, at my friend. 

Anger, is the reason, for the outburst, most of the time; or wanting to hurt another, so instead of focusing on the behavior, we focus on a personal, blitz attack on the person. 

This hurts, and can destroy, the person’s belief in themselves, if this is done, by an authority figure, or someone the victim respects. 

The same holds true of sex offenders, who bring the child into their warped world of sexual needs, and then utilize the threat of personal violence, to force the child into a mold of their making, without any regard, for the child. 

What we have here is the utilization of false power, of someone, who knows better about the victim, than the victim does of themselves. The victim, allows that, because the person, parent, teacher, older person, has more authority than they do, what they say must be right, so they twist their self-worth, to be the worthless being, the authority says they are. 

Zitzoids! These so called authorities are taking out their weakness on someone else, so they can feel good about themselves, be entertaining, or showing what a ruthless authority they are.

They prop themselves up, on someone else’s expense; they are the dirt dogs of the world. They are so unsure of themselves, the only way they can know their weak self-worth, is by beating up on others, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

So here’s what’s up:

1. These so called authorities, are only authorities in their fields, and this authority does not carry over to other fields of endeavors.

2. Genius, or learned behavior, does not make you a genius, a learned worker, in other areas.

3. If you have a need to berate someone, then you aren’t an authority, but a weak energy person, who can only jump start themselves, by being vicious to others.

4. Authority, position, degrees, level of expertise, does not give you the right to berate someone else, as if you’re better than they are, for you’re not, you are an individual, as they are, and talent, gives blessings, but unfortunately, not brains, but only emotional power, to demand respect, even if they haven’t earned it.

5.My friend took, that vicious coach’s view of who he was, rather than staying with his own belief in himself, because he was taught, trained, and forced into the external, philosophical belief system, which is stagnant, so it cannot be changed, of physical knowledge creates a viable way of life, it does not.

6. Authoritative families, teachers, coaches, athletes, students, etc., who are so unsure of themselves, build up rules of the game, which in the end, value them over all others, so they become the king/queen of the hill, and everyone is fair game, for their tongue, brute force, and knowledge of expertise; standing up to these blowhards is the first step toward reasserting, your own belief system- of who you are- and building a wholeness, which doesn’t allow any outside force to tell you who you are; for they can’t, they can only know themselves, and no one else.

7. This is the powerful key to these people who berate you to make themselves feel better, to get a point across, which they never do, for everyone who is the brunt of their anger and abuse, puts up walls, to protect themselves, from this bully.

8. My friend’s baseball coach is and was a bully.

9. People outside of you, try to make you believe false things about yourself, so they can feel good about themselves, so how do we not allow this to happen:  by Source Radiance.

 10. Source Radiance is the knowing, the seeing, the feeling, that you, within yourself, within your spirit, and within ,                                                     , are the highest of the high for you. 

11. Your being is grounded within you, your totality and your unknowable Source Raidance, which is always, where the consciousness of you isn’t, so your consciousness is a report of what the Source Radiance, you, was when you were at that spot, experience, expression, etc., thus you’re ever behind your total you, but you are where you were, and when you find yourself there, there’s a lesson in it for you to find, experience and learn from. 

12. Your Source Radiance is the total you, without preconceive, limitations about yourself, which you created, when you created your own spirit, thus you limited yourself, to be able to touch others, and to be touched by them. You’re both you, and beyond what you could ever know of yourself, only act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. 

13. This Source Radiance is beyond knowing, it is action, without concept, and it is and isn’t at the same time, you can only know what it was, never what you are, when you are acting within Source Radiance. 

14. Here is one way my friend could have handled this situation: I hear you are angry, and you are using a personal attack on me, to make you feel better. I do not accept your behavior, and if you do not show me the respect I’m due, then I will not stand here any longer, and will leave the field. This means the coach stops his personal attack, or you walk away, if he attacks you physically, then you can take him before the authorities over him, and get him fired, for he is the worse kind of coaches,. If he physically attacks you, and if you know how to defend yourself, you have the right to stop the attack, to the point where, he is unable to attack you again, you can then leave the field, and at the same time, keep an eye on him, to make sure he doesn’t attack you again. 

Source Radiance, is simply the total you, beyond the physical, mental, spiritual, and the joy, the abundance of each of our lifves; we’re capable of doing whatever it is we want to do. 

The above is negative, power criticism, which is based on having authority over you, and not only on their own person, or it could be on their bully power, or whatever. 

Positive criticism, is beneficial to you, for it shows you what you’re doing wrong, what you could do, or what is possible, or what may beyond what you think you can do, but they know you can do more, this type of help is valuable, and we must be open to hear it, for it helps us tune into us, to better ourselves, and expand our horizons, beyond where we may think or have never thought of. 

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!