(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Broadcast 1- The Awakening has begun; next, comes the Twinkling!


Seeing something you want, then obsessing over it, can lead, to doing things to get it, that are immoral, illegal, criminal, and so on.

You’re living your life, and are a enticed member of Outside, where how good you are at playing the games of Outside, says what kind of life you’re going to have.

Outside is geared to wealth, success at whatever cost, no matter what you have to do to get it; if you win you’re at the top of the game, and so on.

You see something you want, but it;s already taken, far above you, too much money, etc..

You’re upset, over not being able to attain what you can’t have, so you begin to rationalize what it would take to get it, and rationalize what you’re willing to do to get it.

You’re slipping into the realm of rationalization, where you can convince yourself any behavior is all right, as long as it gets you your prize.

Rationalization allows a person, to lie to themselves, and to believe, the behavior needed to get what they want, is okay, if it gets them what they  are fixated on wanting, and they’ll pay them back at a later date, or their good works will benefit the loser as well.

The more you obsess over what you can’t have; the more you stray into immoral behavior, rationalizing its goodness for you, and giving you a reason to get what you are a flame with.

Now, you cross the line, of goodness, law, morality, and etc., to get what you want, you’re willing to do anything, and its all right, for you have accepted the action, as good, not only for you, but for all involved.

By now, you have convinced yourself, your actions, are the best actions, for you and for your target, which you want to make your own, and who will love you, benefit you, and will be the best possible outcome for all involved.

If it isn’t the best outcome for all, it is for you, and that’s all that matters, now, because you have already made the object of your insane desire, your own, it’s what’s meant to be, and if anyone gets in your way, they must suffer the consequences.

This insanity, this rationalization of untruth over truth, leads to hurts, pain and desperation, as you try to change what is, into your favor, and your what is best, for all involved, you’re doing this for the other, and you know they’re going to realize it one day.

This is one of the games of Outside; Outside exists, because it creates needs of what is found within it, over what is found within the person, who acts in the only way they can act to be true to themselves, and who lives/acts/grows/builds starting within their inner Source Radiance, while those who succumb to the Outside, must fare, unhealthly. because they are repressing their inner action, for their minds, which are limited in their scope to understand situations, and when stumped, jumps back to the beginning, and starts down the same path it just went down, which leads to the same ending.

Outside is the cause of war, famine, disease, etc., all are games, within Outside, who grows, with how much damage individuals do, in their route to win the game they’re playing consciously, or unconsciously.

Trust your feelings, act in the only way you can act, and divide Outside and walk the path of Source Radiance Truth, acting to the betterment of all who see you, and who can then use this peace, love and tranquility, to grow within themselves.

Be directed by your inner center; and not by what you think you can acquire, playing the games which built and builds Outside, and creates the negatives we see everyday.

All actions starts inside.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!