( c ) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Sex seems to drive people rabid, if the sex being talked about isn’t their own, and they want to bash, outlaw, or turn up the politics to ban it.

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender have been on the blunt end of all of the above, but porno, s-m, gay porno, lesbian porno, etc., all, are on the target list of those who like vanilla worlds and vanilla sex.

Sexual preferences are a person’s own, and as long as it doesn’t take away any freedom from someone else, then sexual freedom is the campaign of the day.

I, myself, am bisexual, and I love being bi; I look at both sexes as possible lovers, or if I find one, which really turns me on, then I integrate into that lifestyle, because I love the person, not necessarily the lifestyle.

EnviroRadiance Spiritual Fellowship, welcomes all, who want to explore their spirituality, do good, and live in the best way for them, which does not step on others freedom.

Nakedness is another aspect of sexual freedom; Americans seem to have a horror of seeing a man or a woman naked, and they brand nakedness, as a forbidden fruit.

Nakedness is simply another creative expression of the person choosing to go naked, rather than wearing clothes.

Naturists, nudists, free beachers, are, all, welcome to EnviroRadiance, singles, families, groups, networks, and so on.

Film directors, producers, stars, crews, etc., who do films, tv, broadcast, etc., which may or may not include nudity, internet, etc., which utilize nudity to enhance their works are invited to EnviroRadiance, as are the male and female stars.

EnviroRadiance is a Self-Genesis fellowship, meaning the origin of you, your spirit is you, a you- you can never know, only where its been, not where it is now.

EnviroRadiance works with the positive energies of all Universes, realms, dimensions, parallel universes and dimensions, and so on. We are a real experience fellowship!

EnviroRadiance utilizes music, bands, singles etc., to sing at their services,

Just as important is music to help peace, to help people heal, to show their regard, for what they’re proud of, veterans, people in any country in the world, and EnviroRadiance is non–political, and life growing activitist, we consider ourselves citizens of Terra, where the citizens are the ones who run the planet.

Our organizational structure, is based on spiritual knowledge, and equality, so teachers teach because the students want to learn. They act as citizens of Terra. They build for all, and enjoy individually, as couples, and/or families.

All are welcome to EnviroRadiance, who work to be the light which builds a better world for each, and for themselves, and works for the good in each.

The Awakening is upon us! The wonder of a free planet is showing the way to new transhuman lifestyles.

May the Microcosmic Force Be With You!