(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

We all want and need friends, but what is the process, of creating a friendship:

1. A friendship is deeper and has more meaning and richness of being together, than loving someone, without friendship being its anchor

2. To build a valued and productive friendship, you must allow it to build, so you both, or more, learn to know and trust each other

3. Being open, and trusting your friend, is a necessity, if you both are going to enjoy the friendship:

1. Building a friendship to gain something, for yourself, and you give nothing to the other person is unethical

2. Friendship means value in the friendship goes both ways, both must get something out of it, for it to be a true friendship.

3. Being faithful to the friendship, means being honest and open with each other, having the other’s back, and keeping the secrets each of you tell the other, these secrets are between you two and no one else, using this information to hurt your friend, at any time, is bad social behavior, and usually means destroying the friendship, which you are the direct cause.

4. Friends do not steal lovers from their friends, but if they break up, and not because of you, then you need to discuss it, and find a way to handle the situation.

5. Those who are poser friends, need to be weeded out of your life, as soon as, you see what they’re doing.

4. Friendships start when, two or more, have a common interest/common ground, and from this, they expand it into the rest of their lives, or are satisfied with leaving it the way it is. Both are great!

5. Friends, in some or many cases, are those you have known from a past life, and are hanging out again, for you have friends, that you reincarnate together- not necessarily, at the same time, but sometime, within your life.

6. You reincarnate to test out subjects or thoughts, your spirit wants to test out, so they create a life plan, for you, which doesn’t take into effect, that you, in physical form, have different talents, and limitations, than they do, as pure spirit, so they have a tendency to place the incarnate in situations and positions, that could be deadly, so you must transform your life plan to be life building, rather than life ending. Your Spirit creates this life plan for you, with rose colored glasses, without a real regard to the truth of physical living.

7. Friendship is meant to be creative, thought-provoking, truthful, honest, direct, love each other, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, by trusting your feelings, and letting go of your mind, so you don’t get tied down in reason or emotional reason.

8. Friends do things together, and like being with each other, when other friends come into the picture, then, sharing and caring about all your friends, and spending what time you can with them, is the best way to handle those friends you have that don’t hangout together, or being open and honest, when you have to say no to them, when something else is going on with you, not to hurt them, but to do what is best for all involved.

9. This leads us to the level of friends you have: you have your close friends, you see everyday, next level- is you see them once or twice a week, or even once or twice a month, then there’s friends you see only every four to six months, next level- is once or twice a year, and the final level, you may not see them, for years.

10. Each level has levels of contact, like phones, internet, letter writing, or emails, and so on, as your friends move out, to the outer levels, this may be the only contact your have with them, but they’re still your friends, but your friend networks expand, and the ones not close, may become spiritual friends, or communication friends.

11. Friends are heart friends, touch friends, listening to things you both enjoy, and more.

12. Happy Friendships!