(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


The Awakening, has come, it was first seen in a woman, and it was, and is, beautiful to behold. She, was and is, new energy; it shines from her chest, as golden doors of spiritual light and color.

It has taken approximately 15 years, for this newness to start integrating intp the total makeup, of every living thing, on this planet.

Before this, the Psychocrats, had a blocking field around the Earth, to keep its inhabitants, from being bathed in the cosmic energies of the Universe, and the Universes, along with dimensional energies, and spiritual divinity of cosmic pure, crystal white light.

This blocking field is totally broken, and it has taken fifteen years, for the first new human, to show up, she is the first, that I know of, but she won’t be the last, for every living being, shall experience the Cosmic Energies Showers.

What does this mean; that is something we shall just have to wait and see….the future is full of surprises and gifts/rewards.

What does it mean to have talents, abilities and skills, that make you stand out, from others, by these talents, and how you handle them.

Therein, is the real test of how you’re going to handle your new talents, skills, and abilities, it isn’t only by practice, and utilizing your new rewards and gifts, but psychologically- how you handle having wonderful gifts and rewards, which allow you to do amazing things.

How you use them is just as important as using them; you must grow psychically and psychologically, to help you to handle the responsibility of these new talents, abilities and skills.

Power without the safeguards, to keep you from abusing them, and others, is crossing the line of being a good community member, and an possible criminal, who will run afoul of the law and the community or communities they’re found in.

Where do we find this inner peace, to be able to handle these great gifts and rewards, coming to us from the flowing Cosmic Energies Showers, which now bathe Earth, in all their glory, and their energy(s) to create and bring out new energies, within any life form on the Earth.

The best avenues of learning to handle all these new energies and experiences, is through philosophy and psychology: 1. Existentialism, 2. Self-Genesis, 3. Socrates, 4. Plato, 5. Reich, 6. Lowen, 7. Schultz, 8. Jung, 9. Creative Fantasy, 10. Laing, 11. Rogers, 12. Perls, 13. Sartre, 14. Berkeley, 15. Humanism, 16. Encounter Groups, 17. Transpersonal, 18. James, 19. Kant, 20. Neitsche, 21. Bodymind, 22. Yoga.

There are more, but these can be the sign post you use- as you discover these new areas of interest, and your own self-discovery.

The Awakening has come: prepare yourself- for the new human being, and the new humanity!