# 38 Your Highest Source is you

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


We all have psychic/telepathic/spiritual talents, abilities, skills and super etc., these are descriptions of our inner self, but even deeper- our inner Source. Do I mean spirit, partially, but your Source is spirit, life, and ,                                                  ,.

It isn’t bound by any limitations, any parameters or any outside force, the only limitation on your Source is whatever you put on it.

You are the one, who says if you use your Source, to help guide your life or not. Your Source is beyond any limitations of physical, mental, spiritual, for it works in transfeelings, which leads to choosing by trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

The further we get tied up in Outside games, and deceptions, the further we go from our Source, and put our False Source Outside in the world. This means we have no groundness, for Outside is only concerned about itself, and not anyone else. It needs and wants fresh blood all the time, so it can grow or maintain its level of social winning, of which the culture says what is good and what is bad, which is dependent on who’s on top at the moment, and who’s able to convince other Outsiders, to buy into whatever it is he/she/it has to offer.

All actions of each of us, begins and ends in the Source, our Source, and it sees Outside, as it really is, a created graphic or graphics, where the top players win the most, and the rest are simply there to buy into their games, making them wealthy and rich.

Source moves to what is true for you, and brings you what you earn, and keeps you on the fresh, the growing and the expanding.

A person, who show us this wonder is Dammi Im winner of 2013 Australian X-factor, and Amira W. Holland’s Got Talent, both girls, came on, and went through, all that needs to be done, to win in their respective shows and did the job. They touched their Source, and went with it- to winning and fame.

What about the mentors? Mentors, who click with their students, are touching the inner self, the Source, within themselves, and within, those they’re working with, and the result is beautiful!

Trust your feelings; act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself; and fly high, on your highest self-esteem, where you gain the courage, the groundness and the showmanship, to knock the world off its axis.

You can, and you do do this within yourself; bring it out and share it with all of us! Share what- You, within your Source, and let us know you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and your Source!

# 37 The Awaken

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Why are the rest of the Universes, dimensions, timers, etc., so worried about the Awaken; the Awaken are such that has never been seen before. They exist in a totally new reality, which is going to have conflict with the old reality, brought about and maintained by the Old Races, in all Universes, Dimensions, Directions, Experiences, Expressions, Realities, and so on.

What makes them so special: 1. energies denied the human race, and all living, and non-living living beings, are now ready to soak it up and be the Awaken, even if they don’t know about it, 2. it isn’t simply the new energies flowing into the Earth now, Cosmic Energies, but how they, within their bodyminds, will use it to become the Awaken.

Every living being upon the Earth will become the Awaken, and from there, will go out into the Universes, etc., and show others how to do it to. This is what scares the Old ones, new paradigms are opening up, where their power may not hold true, and they will fall to the Awaken.

Each living being/energy will utilize these new Cosmic/Beyond Energies in their own unique way; none will be exactly the same. This means there will be flare-ups, where certain energies are used to be doorways, to even more rewards, understandings, and doings.

No living being, will get more or be more, than any other; competition is a loss maker, and those who fall victim to it, shall lose their awareness, for theyre cutting themselves off from the total of who they are.

Yes, all the Awaken life Energies, talents, abilities, skills, and so much more, are regulated by the person themselves, and how open they are to their totalness.

The Awaken are healers, a force of nature to end wars, oppression, etc..

The Awaken are the Beyonders; the Beyonders go beyond what is known and walk the paths of the unknown, and discovering the not even thought of.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and Yours!


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This is a very important interview involving the healing properties of a special kind of water created by a black project scientist who was working to cure his wife. He succeeded and since then, via word of mouth the story spread.

Since then, he teamed up with Jef Harvey another scientist and alternative health practitioner who was told he had only a few days to live. After using this water he recovered from life threatening, kidney and liver damage and is now dedicated to making this water available to the world.



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From Experience to Experience

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


From experience to experience, we will put in our blog, works of others, we feel, touch the growth, of those who come to our website, for information.

This is one of many to come.

Do What You Can… (The Evolution of Ideas.)

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There is an idea, embodied in a quote that I recently read, which to my mind, is one of the most important and vital master keys to: living a life of joyeous productivity and achievement unhindered by unnecessary bullshit or false constraint.

It is an idea which has been battle tested by every single person throughout the whole of history, who has ever accomplished anything of significance.

It is fully timeless.  It is the internal foundation and impetus for all action.  It has been, and continues to be, of the greatest value in my own life.

Would you like to know what it is?…

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Dimen Fleets Friend or Foe

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014   ( Zoua )


Meditation brings visions of universe,

Of Dimen Fleets, waiting to coerce,

Are they friends or foes, ready to strike,

In some cases, opposites can be alike,

They gather in a network of death,

Ready to explode into star lit loud death,

Showing the lies they told those they roped in,

Pretending to be their friend, as well as, to the Earth friends,

Reality- they wait for Awakening, and the RESET, amends,

To destroy the human populations, who threaten them,

By the Awakening, and the human potential- edge and rim,

Ready to jump off into new ways of being,

The Demin Fleets, jump into the seeing this stop,

They ready their ships, to do a hyper hop,

To attack the Earth and the human populations,

Attaining a swift victory, ending other solutions,

Assuring their victory and the end of human evolution,

Putting them back to the stone ages, in relief,

They can ignore them for eons, once again, a new leaf,

Settling back into peace, knowing the big threat is at a end,

Once more Guardians of their investments, in their Earth Friends.

# 37 Dragonstrike-black ops Current Events

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( c )Terry Floyd Johnson  ( Zoua )


This week Gathering Sharing is to have you go back to another of my blogs/websites, and read the last two posts, about the Awakenings, and the Dimen Fleets. 


It deals with each being on the planet, and the planet  itself. 

It is RESET!

It is the Experience of the Awakenings. 


dragonstrikeblackops.wordpress.com  go here to read the last two posts I made on this website.

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