(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014     ( Zoua )


The awakening has begun, and with the new energies going to be released, that has never before been seen, in any universe, realm, beyond, etc., including inbetween, it is the experience to share with those who shall be the hearts of the Cosmos, the truth of Symbols.

Creation is a dream, a dream dreamt, and a dream interactive with itself, and within the movement of learning, growing, intuiting, and living, is the truth of Symbols.

Universes, realms, beyonds, etc., are created as symbols, and everything within them, are symbols, of the dream of wholeness, but each is a wholeness within themselves, so the being within the universe, realms, beyonds, etc., is not singular dream, but an interactive multisingular experience, as all are aware of each, and each is aware of themselves.

Within this great interactive movement are the birth of the symbols, which only hint at what lies within each, and the song symbols, which are the energies and the protection of each and the symbol wholeness, which creates freedom for all.

Freedom is the central symbol of all life of Earth; and with freedom, each takes on the beauty, the energy, the dedication, and the will to live, play and create in the freedom of the Symbols.

Each finds their symbol; no one can do it for them.

Not finding you symbol right away, isn’t bad, it simply means it is much more complex,and to show its simplicity, it needs to create a little longer.

Welcome, to Atasia Earth, sister of the great lands of the Godalarians- whose public face is Asguardia, but whose real realms name is found only within the symbols of each!

Great Creators of the Symbols of Freedom!