(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014   ( Zoua )


Meditation brings visions of universe,

Of Dimen Fleets, waiting to coerce,

Are they friends or foes, ready to strike,

In some cases, opposites can be alike,

They gather in a network of death,

Ready to explode into star lit loud death,

Showing the lies they told those they roped in,

Pretending to be their friend, as well as, to the Earth friends,

Reality- they wait for Awakening, and the RESET, amends,

To destroy the human populations, who threaten them,

By the Awakening, and the human potential- edge and rim,

Ready to jump off into new ways of being,

The Demin Fleets, jump into the seeing this stop,

They ready their ships, to do a hyper hop,

To attack the Earth and the human populations,

Attaining a swift victory, ending other solutions,

Assuring their victory and the end of human evolution,

Putting them back to the stone ages, in relief,

They can ignore them for eons, once again, a new leaf,

Settling back into peace, knowing the big threat is at a end,

Once more Guardians of their investments, in their Earth Friends.