(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Why are the rest of the Universes, dimensions, timers, etc., so worried about the Awaken; the Awaken are such that has never been seen before. They exist in a totally new reality, which is going to have conflict with the old reality, brought about and maintained by the Old Races, in all Universes, Dimensions, Directions, Experiences, Expressions, Realities, and so on.

What makes them so special: 1. energies denied the human race, and all living, and non-living living beings, are now ready to soak it up and be the Awaken, even if they don’t know about it, 2. it isn’t simply the new energies flowing into the Earth now, Cosmic Energies, but how they, within their bodyminds, will use it to become the Awaken.

Every living being upon the Earth will become the Awaken, and from there, will go out into the Universes, etc., and show others how to do it to. This is what scares the Old ones, new paradigms are opening up, where their power may not hold true, and they will fall to the Awaken.

Each living being/energy will utilize these new Cosmic/Beyond Energies in their own unique way; none will be exactly the same. This means there will be flare-ups, where certain energies are used to be doorways, to even more rewards, understandings, and doings.

No living being, will get more or be more, than any other; competition is a loss maker, and those who fall victim to it, shall lose their awareness, for theyre cutting themselves off from the total of who they are.

Yes, all the Awaken life Energies, talents, abilities, skills, and so much more, are regulated by the person themselves, and how open they are to their totalness.

The Awaken are healers, a force of nature to end wars, oppression, etc..

The Awaken are the Beyonders; the Beyonders go beyond what is known and walk the paths of the unknown, and discovering the not even thought of.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You and Yours!