Strum # 2 Auras

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


The aura or rather your aura surrounds you like a living, breathing energy, which reflects what is going on with you perfectly. Your aura is part of your talking to you, if you’re listening, then you will get insight into yourself, if you’re not listening, symbols start piling up, which tell the truth of where you’re at.

To fully understand the aura, you must go back to where the body spirit join into a symbiotic whole, and the aura is born, as expression, of that symbiotic joining, which gives way to oneness of feeling, action, love, and learning.

At the expression of wholeness and singularity of being, the aura comes into play, as the holder of what’s really going on with you, and it cannot be other than truthful, for it is the real you, at all times.

This means- those who can feel and read auras, can know you as intimately as they wish, but aura readers, have a responsibility to allow all others their right of privacy, and does not give out information on another, unless okayed by that person, or for that person, in a aura reading.

Your aura is a wonder bank of color, for every thing you’re feeling, thinking, etc., is symbolized by a color and a symbol, which gives information of what this area of your aura is about.

You’re aura isn’t held to just this reality present, buy also holds the past and the future; your past and your future. We divide the aura into past-present-future, but in reality all are working at the same time, for all are being lived here and now, in different realities, but all are fully being lived by you, and experienced by you, so when you look at your aura, and talk about the past lives, you are, in fact, talking about a life that’s being lived to the point you are looking at, where it froze, and hasn’t been worked through, by you.

The aura holds the super microcosmic life energy flow centers; each one is necessary, for you to be you, in this particular life time. Flow centers are like the lei lines of the Universe, or the meridians of chinese healing.

There are billions of super microcosmic flow centers within you, your bodymind, your spirit and ,                                                     ,.

To guide the life energy of the aura and the bodymind, the buffer between the symbiotic matching, leading to total wholeness of life and expression, is the etheric double.

This energy stretches from the bodymind to 3 to 6 inches from it; it is what does your astral projection, and also, sends out astral copies of itself, to explore what you’re seeing within your meditations, or focusing on your third eye. It is better to control this, for they have a habit of not looking into what you’re looking at, but simply going in, and getting caught, then you have to get them out, how, by fighting and working through the area of interest, which led you to explore this realm.

Depending on the level of the depth you want to look into the aura, show’s what you’re going to run into as you discover your own aura.

The Primary colors are: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Crystal-White; artists say- white light is created by the other colors, without them crystal-white light wouldn’t exist. This is a total fallacy; for without Crystal-White light; none of the other colors would exist.

Microcosmic Crystal-White light is the strongest light and color in the Universes and far, far, far,far beyond.

We now have the way to look at the aura, and how we learn, from what we see or feel, by the vibration of the area of the aura we’re looking at, what that particular color, or blend, is actually saying, by where the area is at this here and now moment, within the total aura.

This is the other truth of the aura, it is totally here and now, though, we talk about the past, the future, what we’re really doing is being here and now, with that lifetime, and that aura, which is reflected in your aura here and now.

The aura is the conduit of psychic awareness, psychic feeling, psychic sensing, etc., within you, tied to everything you are.

The aura is real, mystical, conductive, dimensional, truthful, reflective, and works in fields, areas, specifics, abstracts, wonder, discovery and joy of life, just like you, for it is you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!


# 40- Violence as a codeword for humanity

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


If we were to try to come up with one codeword, standing for humanity, the overwhelming characteristic would be violence.

Humans today are worse, than the humans in olden days, who warred over kingdoms, etc.. Today we have more weapons, greater killing power, militaries- who think only in how to win over others; populaces, who are threatened by the government they’re under; murder, crime, corporations who develop more and more ways to kill other human beings.

What do we say our codeword for humanity today is: VIOLENCE! Look at this codeword for humanity, how does it make you feel, when you know you’re looking at a chosen codeword, which is meant to include the characteristic most see  while looking, at the human race.

The codeword VIOLENCE is a structural aspect, creating a thought of those incapable of handling their own inner struggles, or who coldly use violence to get what they want, or use violence to shock, hurt, and devastate someone, who loses a loved one to violence.

Codeword: VIOLENCE is an identification of the perception others have of humanity as a whole. They see us as incapable of being peaceful; incapable of being trustworthy; and most of all incapable of being sane.

Codeword: VIOLENCE says what’s going on in the world today; what’s going on in our streets- gangs, mafia, etc., domestic violence- as men like to create fear in their wives and children’ the way men and women establish pecking order, when in networks, to show they can defend the order number they are within the group, by violence or other means, which might end in violence, anyway.

Do you want to be a member of the Human Race, if the codeword for humanity is VIOLENCE, and means, the codeword for you is VIOLENCE. People in humanity, and outside of humanity, see humans as a scourge upon the planet they live on. Humanity, even does violence and mass violence against the environment in which they live and depend on. They are beginning to realize this, and the wealthy/rich are already making plans to leave the earth and go out into space, to find new planets to do violence against, or as what has been suggested- secret societies are looking to do is to decimate the human race, killing billions of people, so tthey will have the natural resources to survive, and to continue, the new human communities, built upon the dead, who were killed, so these new communities could survive.

In case, you think this is farfetched, the US government has bought 30,000 guillotines, putting half in Montana and half in Geogia. What does the government want with this many killing machines, if their not prepared to use them against the citizens of the United States.

Codeword: Violence. They have over 155,000 huge coffins, made of plastic and concrete, to place dead bodies of those they consider dangerousl it is known Bush had a list of 8 million people which was divided into blue side and a red side. The red side were to be summarily executed by the military or private armies of international corporations, where they would go into homes and drag out the person on the list, and execute them by a shot to the head, they would, then, be picked up and placed in these huge coffins; stackable coffins, at that.

Codeword: Violence. How do we stop this insanity running through humans, who see violence, killing, and death, as a way of thinning out the herd, so they can live, while the rest of the human race dies.

Luckily, there is an answer, unfortunately, it isn’t a solution made and accepted by the human race- to create peace, love and tranquility, and to end violence, but is a natural effect of free flowing Cosmic Energies, coming onto the earth, for the first time in a very long time.

The codeword for humanity is going to transform to codeword:Awaken, for the energies are going to bring about a new mindset, within all life and non-living living beings on the planet.

Humanity is to stupid to save itself, so the Universe has to do it by its universe energies traveling throughout its wholeness. Whatever the reason- All Right, Universe!

The awakening is happening, and some are already of the Awaken. You, too, will be of the Awaken, in your own self-regulated ability to accept it.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 39 Do Wishes Work

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Do wishes work? If they do, how does one make a wish that will bring the desired ending? How does one actually make a wish and do it in the best possible manner?

Wishes that are simply soundings, with no real energy behind them, are just a person wanting something to do what he’s wishing, for him, because he or she isn’t really interested in it, but if it happened, great.

Second, are wishes one really doesn’t believe will happen, so the person negates it, by their own thought pattern.

Third, wishes of emotional turmoil, of any kind, the emotional turmoil itself, sets up a block to keep the wish from happening.

Fourth, ridged thoughts, where logic is the only answer, and everything else is simply fantasy, stops the wish from becoming real.

Fifth, persons wish harm on another; that destroys the wish instantly.

Sixth, people without a sense of humor, drains the wish dry.

Seventh, people who are only interested in what they can see, lose the wish instantly.

Eighth, people who want to get something for nothing, lose the wish, also.

Ninth, people who are angry because they don’t have what others have, lose the wish, too.

Tenth, people who want to use a wish to win over another, lose their wish instantly.

People who wish for things that will help them grow within themselves, or to help others, or to help in a critical situation, or who want to have financial success, and through this become a philanthropist-  may or may not have their wish granted by their own Source.

Wishes are not given from Outside, for Outside, only wants to bring things in, not give them out, so Outside can never give wishes life and accomplishment.

Where do wishes granted come from then; from the Source, which is you, within yourself, you relax, and feel good about your wish, your Source helps it to become real, but to your best interest, and may not be what you actually asked.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Strum # 1

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014 ( Zoua )

We’ve been going down the road, of social strategizing, and personal growth, brought about by learnings of those- who have gone down the road before us.

The Awakening is bringing a totally new way of learning how to go within, how to be spiritual, how to know yourself, and how to do what is necessary for you, through trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

The Awaken are easy to see, if you use your psychic talents, abilities and skills, or your intuition, but know if you do this, then you’re stimulating your own awakening.

Does this really matter? No, for every living and non=living living being is going through Awakening, right here and now.

It is the inner Source of you, which is growing, and you put out a symbol, from your bodymind, to show you are, now, of the Awaken.

Earth is not the only planet of humans that’s going through the Awakening, those planets seeded with humans, who were suppose to die, were taken from their lifepath, and taken to another planet, to seed it with humans, which the ETs could study, and watch for the Awakening.

The Awakening is bringing forth the Rebirth, as an island will rise, from not the ocean floor, but from the reality loop, it was in, and is now leaving, as the Awakening, brings together, those things that have been waiting for the Reset of humans, and etc..

Be very glad, for the Awakening, for if the Awakening had not come, the violent would have had a very hard time, and those backing them, would be brought out and banished from the planet.

The ones who don’t want the Awakening, are those ETs, Ancients, and Dimens, who have tried so hard to keep the Cosmos, from coming in and bringing about the Awakening.

The Awaken are the hope of all Universes, realms, expressions, experiences, and etc..

There is no fighting it, for it is you, and comes out of you, which you accept as the glory of your own source.

Music, dancing, movement, intuition, bodymind therapies, love, tranquility, peace ( comes from within each, never from Outside ), and more.

Anything that takes away from personal growth and happiness, will fall by the wayside, and become covered with dust, moss and shall shrivel up and disappear.

The Awakening is the saving of the human race on Earth, and each of the other planets seeded with humans, who are known to be dead.

No, one has died on Earth, for some time, only natural deaths, have been allowed to happen.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Former Facebook data scientist confirms: If you use Facebook, you’ve been experimented on

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For a small study that tweaked the newsfeeds of less than 1 percent of the Facebook (s fb) population, the so-called “emotional contagion” experiment has triggered a wave of attention — most of it negative — aimed at the giant social network and how it may or may not be affecting its users. But if nothing else, the research has at least shone a spotlight on the potential risks of that kind of behavior. in one of the more recent developments, a former Facebook data scientist confirms what many users suspected all along: if you have ever used Facebook, then you have probably been experimented on. Whether that’s a bad thing is still up for debate.

Andrew Ledvina was quoted in a Wall Street Journal followup on the emotional contagion study, which removed certain phrases from the newsfeeds of about 700,000 users to see if it changed their behavior…

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Emma Watson named Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women

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