(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014 ( Zoua )

We’ve been going down the road, of social strategizing, and personal growth, brought about by learnings of those- who have gone down the road before us.

The Awakening is bringing a totally new way of learning how to go within, how to be spiritual, how to know yourself, and how to do what is necessary for you, through trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

The Awaken are easy to see, if you use your psychic talents, abilities and skills, or your intuition, but know if you do this, then you’re stimulating your own awakening.

Does this really matter? No, for every living and non=living living being is going through Awakening, right here and now.

It is the inner Source of you, which is growing, and you put out a symbol, from your bodymind, to show you are, now, of the Awaken.

Earth is not the only planet of humans that’s going through the Awakening, those planets seeded with humans, who were suppose to die, were taken from their lifepath, and taken to another planet, to seed it with humans, which the ETs could study, and watch for the Awakening.

The Awakening is bringing forth the Rebirth, as an island will rise, from not the ocean floor, but from the reality loop, it was in, and is now leaving, as the Awakening, brings together, those things that have been waiting for the Reset of humans, and etc..

Be very glad, for the Awakening, for if the Awakening had not come, the violent would have had a very hard time, and those backing them, would be brought out and banished from the planet.

The ones who don’t want the Awakening, are those ETs, Ancients, and Dimens, who have tried so hard to keep the Cosmos, from coming in and bringing about the Awakening.

The Awaken are the hope of all Universes, realms, expressions, experiences, and etc..

There is no fighting it, for it is you, and comes out of you, which you accept as the glory of your own source.

Music, dancing, movement, intuition, bodymind therapies, love, tranquility, peace ( comes from within each, never from Outside ), and more.

Anything that takes away from personal growth and happiness, will fall by the wayside, and become covered with dust, moss and shall shrivel up and disappear.

The Awakening is the saving of the human race on Earth, and each of the other planets seeded with humans, who are known to be dead.

No, one has died on Earth, for some time, only natural deaths, have been allowed to happen.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!