(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Do wishes work? If they do, how does one make a wish that will bring the desired ending? How does one actually make a wish and do it in the best possible manner?

Wishes that are simply soundings, with no real energy behind them, are just a person wanting something to do what he’s wishing, for him, because he or she isn’t really interested in it, but if it happened, great.

Second, are wishes one really doesn’t believe will happen, so the person negates it, by their own thought pattern.

Third, wishes of emotional turmoil, of any kind, the emotional turmoil itself, sets up a block to keep the wish from happening.

Fourth, ridged thoughts, where logic is the only answer, and everything else is simply fantasy, stops the wish from becoming real.

Fifth, persons wish harm on another; that destroys the wish instantly.

Sixth, people without a sense of humor, drains the wish dry.

Seventh, people who are only interested in what they can see, lose the wish instantly.

Eighth, people who want to get something for nothing, lose the wish, also.

Ninth, people who are angry because they don’t have what others have, lose the wish, too.

Tenth, people who want to use a wish to win over another, lose their wish instantly.

People who wish for things that will help them grow within themselves, or to help others, or to help in a critical situation, or who want to have financial success, and through this become a philanthropist-  may or may not have their wish granted by their own Source.

Wishes are not given from Outside, for Outside, only wants to bring things in, not give them out, so Outside can never give wishes life and accomplishment.

Where do wishes granted come from then; from the Source, which is you, within yourself, you relax, and feel good about your wish, your Source helps it to become real, but to your best interest, and may not be what you actually asked.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!