(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


If we were to try to come up with one codeword, standing for humanity, the overwhelming characteristic would be violence.

Humans today are worse, than the humans in olden days, who warred over kingdoms, etc.. Today we have more weapons, greater killing power, militaries- who think only in how to win over others; populaces, who are threatened by the government they’re under; murder, crime, corporations who develop more and more ways to kill other human beings.

What do we say our codeword for humanity today is: VIOLENCE! Look at this codeword for humanity, how does it make you feel, when you know you’re looking at a chosen codeword, which is meant to include the characteristic most see  while looking, at the human race.

The codeword VIOLENCE is a structural aspect, creating a thought of those incapable of handling their own inner struggles, or who coldly use violence to get what they want, or use violence to shock, hurt, and devastate someone, who loses a loved one to violence.

Codeword: VIOLENCE is an identification of the perception others have of humanity as a whole. They see us as incapable of being peaceful; incapable of being trustworthy; and most of all incapable of being sane.

Codeword: VIOLENCE says what’s going on in the world today; what’s going on in our streets- gangs, mafia, etc., domestic violence- as men like to create fear in their wives and children’ the way men and women establish pecking order, when in networks, to show they can defend the order number they are within the group, by violence or other means, which might end in violence, anyway.

Do you want to be a member of the Human Race, if the codeword for humanity is VIOLENCE, and means, the codeword for you is VIOLENCE. People in humanity, and outside of humanity, see humans as a scourge upon the planet they live on. Humanity, even does violence and mass violence against the environment in which they live and depend on. They are beginning to realize this, and the wealthy/rich are already making plans to leave the earth and go out into space, to find new planets to do violence against, or as what has been suggested- secret societies are looking to do is to decimate the human race, killing billions of people, so tthey will have the natural resources to survive, and to continue, the new human communities, built upon the dead, who were killed, so these new communities could survive.

In case, you think this is farfetched, the US government has bought 30,000 guillotines, putting half in Montana and half in Geogia. What does the government want with this many killing machines, if their not prepared to use them against the citizens of the United States.

Codeword: Violence. They have over 155,000 huge coffins, made of plastic and concrete, to place dead bodies of those they consider dangerousl it is known Bush had a list of 8 million people which was divided into blue side and a red side. The red side were to be summarily executed by the military or private armies of international corporations, where they would go into homes and drag out the person on the list, and execute them by a shot to the head, they would, then, be picked up and placed in these huge coffins; stackable coffins, at that.

Codeword: Violence. How do we stop this insanity running through humans, who see violence, killing, and death, as a way of thinning out the herd, so they can live, while the rest of the human race dies.

Luckily, there is an answer, unfortunately, it isn’t a solution made and accepted by the human race- to create peace, love and tranquility, and to end violence, but is a natural effect of free flowing Cosmic Energies, coming onto the earth, for the first time in a very long time.

The codeword for humanity is going to transform to codeword:Awaken, for the energies are going to bring about a new mindset, within all life and non-living living beings on the planet.

Humanity is to stupid to save itself, so the Universe has to do it by its universe energies traveling throughout its wholeness. Whatever the reason- All Right, Universe!

The awakening is happening, and some are already of the Awaken. You, too, will be of the Awaken, in your own self-regulated ability to accept it.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!