Strum # 5 Symbiotic Connecting

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


Our question, for today, is- how does the soul mate with the bodymind?

Richard Sheldrake gives us a clue, when he describes morphic fields, which guide the bodymind in proper building of the human bodymind, and are outside the bodymind, not within it, so the bodymind, grows not guided from within, but from outside, which we see as a direct reference and reflection of the human aura.

The bodymind cannot handle the full presence of the spirit, not inside or outside, so the spirit creates the soul, which is a template of what the spirit wants to accomplish, and what the bodymind is going to have to accomplish to transform the soul back into the spirit, and the spirit, then can be fully around the bodymind, without burning it out.

This process is called Symbiotic Balancing, between the Spirit-Soul, and the bodymind, to create a full person. This process and imprintation of spirit life energy or soul energy, in movement and rhythm with the physical bodymind, is guided by both, so the physical bodymind can influence the symbiotic process, and so can the spirit-soul.

What does this mean? The Spirit-Soul creates a lifeplan, or rather the Spirit does, and the Soul is the energy movement of that lifeplan, and is the life plan en totale! The soul is simply the strategy the Spirit has for this life time, and the Spirit does this many times, ergo, reincarnation.

The Spirit has many lifeplans going on at the same time, ergo the wheel of life, has many spokes, working as a wheel, at the same time, and their expressions give learning and practical experience to the Spirit, on the way the Universes, Dimensions, etc. work in this particular rhythm and movement.

The Beauty of the Wheel of Experiences, is that if one, transcends to higher levels of spirituality, all do, and all go on living in this new wonder and perspective.

Physical living is a Symbiotic balancing of movement of life and spiritual life energies, expressing the lifeplan of the Spirit, through the soul, till the soul is explored enough, where the person can transform it back into the vibration of the spirit, and it becomes one with it, once again.

The Symbiotic process fields hold the total of the Spirit, where the bodymind holds the genetic tuning of the two- who make the child, and their genetic highs and lows, can effect the physical bodymind of the baby, making it better than normal, or expressing genetic imperfections, in physical ways.

This physical imperfection many times is the spirit wanting to have to work hard at living, so it can burn away problems, hold overs, etc., they have of other lives, which in reality, are being lived at the same time as this one. The problems are here and now, thus which ever life spoke on the Wheel of Experiences, gets the benefit of the life time- who worked through it, before the originating problemmaker does.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You always!

Strum # 4

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Strum # 3 told us that consciousness and life energies, physical/mental life energies, are not the same. How can this be?

The answer is- your consciousness is spirit, and your life energies of bodymind is physical/mental, ergo, these life energies reflect what is going on within the consciousness of the individual.

How is this possible? It’s possible, for life in the cosmos, is a combination of spirit and bodymind, it’s a symbiotic relationship, where the bodymind welcomes the consciousness imprinting and matching its vibration; this can only be done by the creation of a soul, which is the combination of the spirit and the bodymind.

The soul is only needed until, the person, being, meditates and transforms him/her/itself, and dissipates the soul, for a direct link between spirit and bodymind.

This is the beginning of the higher state of mind, and the bringing out of psychic talents, abilities and skills, which haven’t been brought out until now.

It is the recognition of the Source, which is the YOU, that develops spirits to reflect itself in different nuances, and is the driving life energy, of both the spirit and the maintenance of the bodymind, so the soul can allow a smaller life energy charge of consciousness to go into the bodymind and step up its animate movements, and where it builds a holistic intuitive feeling between them, so consciousness and bodymind movements match, and show the truth of how the person is feeling within their total being- spirit + bodymind creates a life form.

The soul operates as the match, until it is no longer needed, then it turns to pure life energy and goes back into the bodymind, and enhances, the life energies already flowing and streaming there.

The soul is only a slip of the life energies of the spirit, so it can imprint itself on the bodymind, without blowing out the bodymind. Life comes, when the soul and the bodymind create holistic imprintation, which allows true movement following each other without thinking about it, but simply by intuititive action.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

Strum # 3

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

What drives all the life energies and their expressions within the individual bodymind?

First, energies are not you, they’re symbolic of you, showing the world, and yourself what’s going on with you.

You’re not life energies per se, but life energies are a symbolic movement of what’s going on with you, but these are a symbol of you, not you.

Life energies move in a way to show what[s going on within you, where you see yourself, right now, thus consciousness isn’t found in the life energies, but the life energies reflect consciousness as pure as it can.

You must remember, no physical or non-physical energy can ever be pure consciousness, but what it can do is transcend itself, and give a pure doorway to navigate its truth, about what’s going on with the person.

We readers of movement, energy, color, etc., listen to what the energies, movements and expressions tell us about your past-present-future.

However, the energies, movements and expressions, can only symbolize the feelings the consciousness is feeling, whereas when reading the consciousness, you’re directly affected/effected by how the consciousness broadcasts, symbolizes and loves.

Here is the deepest movement of all- self-love, if you do not have self-love, high self-esteem, self-respect and self-creative, you’re in denial, of your consciousness, and thus, these can be found and worked with, with a counselor, or through your own work, journaling, going naked and moving, and writing down what its like, stretching, running, playing, singing, dancing, and standing still and listening with your whole being, which includes consciousness, life energies, symbolization, and working through any problem you might find.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you always!

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