(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Your spirit creates a lifepath for you, before you’re born, and before you go into symbiotic imprintation, with the bodymind, created by the physical reality you want to go into.

The Spirit wears rose colored glasses, when developing this lifeplan, with points of dead reckoning, where you can be hurt, killed, or traumatized, be beat up, etc., for it believes you as an aspect of it, can learn before these things happen, so you will overcome whatever dead reckoning, it puts in front of you.

Almost every spirit wears rose colored glasses, when designing a full lifepath, for its avatar, for it knows it can overcome everything, and anything, and is shocked, when it gets killed, or is unable to make their life right, no matter- the challenge.

In opposition to this blind spot about their avatars, they do put into place good things, which the avatar can enjoy, if they’re aware enough to realize this is a gift of the Spirit, and enjoy it.

The question arises, which is more prevelant, good points or bad points, because of those rose colored glasses, negative is usually more frequent than positive, for the spirit knows you can turn this around and make the negative positive. You’re your spirit’s champion! You can do anything, for you’re a shape of your spirit!

Unfortunately, the person doesn’t see him/her/itself that way, meaning he/she/it usually cannot overcome the obstacle placed in front of it, because of a lack of psychic talents, abilities and skills, to help in overcoming the obstacle, or learning, which allows you to overcome it in purely physical adaptation or general knowledge.

True, this isn’t the case, for everyone, it’s also true- not everyone is up for a new disaster or threat, when their already down, or down and out. Life experience has a definite effect on the person, till they realize they can help themselves by meditating, utilizing visions, etc., so they can prepare and work through whatever problem comes up.

Intuition, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, are the best foundations to go through spiritual levels, mental levels, and physical levels. You utilize them in the best way, when you trust your feelings, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

Inner knowledge comes by trusting yourself, within your feelings, trusting them, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. Outer knowledge is true or not, by learning, knowledge, etc., which is either true or false, or inbetween, meaning outer knowledge is a symbol of what has been learned to date, but isn’t the truth, but a facsimile of it- known to date, with reality of what you’re looking at, may be hiding from you, or you and your culture may not have been open enough to see the truth, when you looked at finding out knowledge about it.

True insight/intuition/psychic vision comes when you don’t put yourself into the picture, so the vision is true within itself, and you must be true to yourself, when you decipher the symbology of what you’re seeing, or the reality of what you’re seeing.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!