# 41- Feel Before You Speak

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

We all jump the gun, and say things we didn’t mean to say; to stop this- Feel before you open your mouth and spew out negativity, anger, hatred, etc..

We do this, by enjoining another person in a conversation, and allowing them to be who they are, and they allow you to be who you are, hopefully.

If they want you to be someone you’re not; explain to them, that they’re trying to force you into a role, which does not fit you, and you’re asking them, to know you, not what they think about you.

What do you do, if they refuse? You have choices or options, stop talking to them, limit your interaction with them, show them that they’re talking to someone who doesn’t exist. Be Truthful! If they can stand it, then they will see who you are; if they can’t they will eventually drift away, to try to run their demands on someone else, who will then have to make a decision, about them.

Another negative mode, is when you call, join others, to try to draw them into a verbal trap, where you can get angry and attack them, and let off anger, you have to get rid of.

This is an introduction to action and consequences- if you allow yourself to be an attacker, and setup your friends, or someone you’re talking to, so you can let out all the anger and spleen you have been holding in, you are a negative energy. You want to destroy the positive energy of people, who have done nothing to you, but being  joined by you, so you can let off your anger, and feel good about attacking others, for their stupidity, etc.. This is done without or with the knowledge you’re the one who loses in these conversations, ergo consequences, people will quit talking to you, ostrasize you, move away, when you come up and so on.

Feel before you say those angry, hurtul, argumentive words that show your lack of ability to work through your anger, pain on your own, so you don’t take it out on others, who have nothing to do with how you’re feeling.

There are consequences to actions, make sure your actions bring the right feedback.

May the Microcosmic Force Be With You!

Strum # 8-We are Creating Spirit Hero Awards

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

To award those whose spirits show wonder, joy, achievement, spirituality, talent, etc., we, now, create the SPIRIT HERO awards.

Sorry, for not writing more Gatherings, but I had trouble with my computer, but back on track now.


The first person to be put under the title of Spirit Hero is Dami Im, a music star, and a songwriter, who has been an inspiration to asians in Australia, and the world, as well as, other races, and who brings love, spirit and happiness- to the world, through music, but more important by simply being herself, a wonder woman.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you all!

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