(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


When you hear people talking about the Light, it’s always outside of us, someone else is creating it, we have to prove ourselves to the Light and so on.

We see ourselves as not being spiritual enough to build light and allow it to go free, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Light is build within us, and set free, then we have the joy of finding out what the message the Light is giving to us, and to anyone who finds and works with it. The message will not be the same for each who finds it, and works with it, in their own life.

Light is built within the movement of your total being, totality, bodymind, spirit, and far, far, far,far beyonds.

It is our wisdom, which we deny within ourselves, so we act surprise, when we come across it again- it’s a stranger to us. We wrap it in our unknowing, so now we look upon it as a new truth we have to discover, when in truth, we’re the one, who set this Light free.

You find the Light you put out, and are drawn to it, for it is you; but you also find other peoples Light, and through understanding it, learn a lesson for you, as any person will; the lesson learned is shone directly to what you need to know.

You are Light; and you are Discoverer! Truth is found in the shining of the Light in your heart.