(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


Today, we’re going to talk about the aura, your aura, which is held within you, it isn’t outside of you, but within the total that is you. It isn’t non-moving, but goes in and out, to how you’re feeling, what’s going on in your life, and what’s going to happen down the road in your life.

First, the aura, is you, it isn’t just a knowledge bank or past, present and future, but is an intregal aspect of the total you. It stretches from 3 inches to 20′, and is in creativity all the time, as it creates visuals around you to represent past-present and future.

Readers can see these visuals and tell you what they are and what they’re saying about you and your life.

Auras have a general color, which stands for the total you; you then have the colors of the aura, which relate to-

1. different areas of the bodymind ( and yes, leader, you are a whole bodymind without any parts, this is the way to see yourself, so you grow and not have to bounce from color to color to find out what they mean

2. colors represent the status of you, at this here moment, as well as, past-present-future

3. they tell you what is going on with you here and now

4. show you the way to work on what is creating it, so you transform it to a stronger, more natural color

5. holds your total past-present- and future, so the reader can read for you and tell you what you have planned for yourself.

6. holds the key to transformation of what is being read, so you can transform it if you work at it, and work is necessary

7. Tells you new areas of experience you’re going to have, new people your going to meet, romances, loves, and so on

8. can help you find out answers of experiences, you may feel happened, but is blocked from your memory, uf0 abductions, are an example of this

9. Prayers, affirmations, and new ways of seeing help strenghten the aura, and help bring stronger, natural colors into play within it

10. is telepathic, and can create new movements, with the help of your super psychic, super telepathic, super spiritual talents, abilities and skills

11. resonates in the company of positive and negative people, especially if they try to hook you psychically

12. Auras vibrate to inner feeling, not outer actions

13. to see auras or feel them, look to the side of the person, and focus on that, so you allow your talents to come out and allow you to see and feel the other person’s aura, its a little harder to see your own, for your mind wants it to do what it wants, rather than what is actually going to happen.

14. It also holds your reincarnations in the past, present and future, but all of these are going on the same time ringing the YOU, which all of these are a reflection of, and a working out of whatever is or comes up.

We shall speak more on the aura in other Gatherings.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!