(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014

In our lives, we look at the problems we have, or think we have, through the light that we own them. We do not, negative thoughts, are simply thoughts, and can be thrown away, because you don’t allow it to attach itself to you.

Negative thoughts, negative visions, negative fear thoughts, etc., all are not owned by you, they simply are, and as such, you have the energy to push them away from you, and bring in only thoughts, which are positive and growing. It is up to you to clean your thought patterns, and bring in great ideas, positive affirmations, and to build life patterns, which are growth oriented for you.

Thoughts are energy, thus they are never destroyed, and they float around and can come through walls, windows, and come up and touch you, and you react to it within your self, for you feel its negative touch.

Thus, protecting yourself, by surrounding yourself with white light, creates a barrier where these wandering thoughts, can’t get through, and are bounced off the crystal white light, to continue their journey.

Some of the problems you’re having now, may not be here and now based, but are holdovers, from past lives, thus you have been conditioned in that life’s way of handling this or these problems, and you do the same in this life, for to be holdover like this, the negative thought pattern is strong, and its convinced your past life, and now you, that you can’t get rid of it, and its going to continue to influence you, whether you like it or not.

Baloney! Past life problems, your having to deal with now, are simply thoughts, and can be given control of you, or you can simply push it away, so it goes away from you, and you take back control of your life.

Negatives are not owned by you, unless you buy into its influence, and react against it, thereby fashioning your bodymind, to work against it; you have made the past life problem, now a daily threat to your happiness, because you see it being more powerful than you, within yourself. Never! You control what you choose to use, or push away, and not let it get a hold of you.

Nettleson, in his Past Life Therapy, starts off just listening to the client, but he’s listening for words, phrases, they say over and over. These are the doorways to working with past life problems.

He has the client relax, and say the word or words, over and over, which throws them into the past life the problems come from.

He then works with them to work through the problem, and letting the past life memories go back and into the total of the client,, and not interfering with the present life, the person is living.

Microcosmic Force Blessings Upon You!