# 3 Emeralds

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Emeralds are beautiful gems, and when used in Earth Magic, are used in natural earthy gem, or cut gems. Cut gems are beautiful in jewelry, all over the world.


Emeralds taken out of the Earth, are at their strongest, for they’re still natural, without being cut to be a jewelry emerald, They’re used, as are diamonds and rubies, in technology, as well as, in tokens of affection, from giver to receiver.

Emeralds are best used in geometric patterns, in curved geometric patterns, and the geometric design needs to be put on the earth, elevated from one inch to whatever fits the desire.

In doing the geometric design, the use of colored sand is appropriate, or regular sand, if the incantation is to be best served all natural way. Colored sand is best used, when dealing with social strata, etc.

It is better not to mix colored sands; incantations work best, when they’re of a singularity nature.

Cut emeralds

Emeralds used in jewelry, are parts of designs, and works in areas of social strata. If used for incantations, white, natural salt is the best builder of energy, along with the emeralds. Don’t use too much salt, for it is a strong gatherer, and you don’t need much.

All work of a psychic, or magic nature does best, when done on or within a design; the design works best, when it’s done on dirt, for natural use of emeralds; and wood, if done, by cut emeralds.

To start, do the above; but after you have comfort with doing these designs, try out other materials to do the designs on, coming up with what works best for you.

# 49 Rationalization

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

We, as human beings, and reasonable acting individuals/networks, learn rationalization, from our parents, educators, other children, films, documentaries, and so on. We use rationalization to make the choices and decisions, that we feel may not be the right decision to make, so you choose the way others may be voting, etc., and rationalize, you only did what the majority of other people were doing.

Rationalization is a way of appeasing our consciousness, about a decision we made, and did, even though, we may not be totally sure it’s the right one, but we rationalize it, by saying it’s okay, if it doesn’t work out, it isn’t my fault, others did the same thing, so I’m not guilty of anything.

Rationalization is a method, of convincing ourselves, and others, we did act, and if its wrong, its not our fault. Rationalization was created, to be a way out of reason, and emotional reason, so you can not be held accountable, or you rationalize what you do, and by doing this, you’re okay with any act you do.

An example of this was a testing, psychologists, did, where if the subject was wrong, another person pressed a button, that gave the subject an electric shock.

Almost all of the shock givers, carried out the job, told to them, by the people running the test.

They rationalized it wasn’t their fault, they were only following orders. Its the runners of the test, who were the real culprits. They just did what they’re told.

We can see where this is the cause of a lot of harm, and how soldiers carry out atrocities, when ordered to, for it isn’t their decision, but the chain of command’s, along with if they refused, they could be court-martialed, and even killed. Rationalization, in this case, is self-protecting yourself.

Here rationalization is a way of protecting oneself, from the state and military, and to not feel bad within ourselves. We rationalize it’s not us doing it or choosing to do it, so we have no fault in what we’re ordered to do.

Authority figures can tell people to do something, and they’re more likely to do it-  like someone putting on a white lab coat, giving them visual authority, because this is their world, and not necessarily the person rationalizing the act, put it on the authority; they did what they were ordered to do.

There are many ways we rationalize in our lives, but we must be ready to catch our rationalizations, and then decide for ourselves, if it is right to do this thing or not.

Blaming your actions on authorities figures, is simply trying to not make a decision, and simply carry out orders. This is a choice, and you are making it, so you’re as guilty as the authority figure, for you’re the authority figure in your own life, and all decisions, choices, actions, are made by you, within your self-authority.

Remember- when you try to rationalize yourself out of harm’s way, or to get out of taking the blame for your action; you have not, for you have self-authority, and are responsible for everything you do, think, feel, etc..

Self-authority is freedom, true freedom, for you make the choice, decision, etc., for yourself, on your own responsibility. You’re responsible for everything you do, within living your life.

Microcosmic Force Blessing upon you and your self-authority/self-responsibility!

# 2 Gems= Diamonds

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

All gems are in two categories: 1. natural, 2. cut, polished.

Diamonds- natural, industrial

These gems are naturally hardened in the process of the Earth, so when you want to do Earth Magic, the best diamonds, for this, are the natural, uncut diamonds, or the industrial diamonds.

They can be used singly, or in a network; in Earth Magic, its best to use them at the four corners, of the Earth design, and to hold and build upon what you create, use five in the center.

Diamonds are strong, thus not all gems will be in harmony with them, especially, when you do Earth Magic. Platinum, Titanium, Gold are good to work with diamonds.

You must speak strong words, in a strong voice, to illicit the energy within the diamonds, for they only respect those who are strong and able. If you aren’t, they may, or rather will turn on you, and attack you, within your magic earthly designs.

Diamonds- Cut

These diamonds are only for happy, building, constructing, matching, loving, and so on.

These are Urban Magic- and work best, when used in the designs of the Urban understanding.

It is best to be naked, when you invoke these, for they do not like roughness around them, and the naked bodymind, is strong in strength and love.

Use only the softest material, so the material won’t fight the diamonds, and know that cut diamonds like to be the center of attention, so ten diamonds go in the center of any Urban Design you might use.

Do not try to do harmful magic with cut diamonds, they will turn on you, and draw upon their own and the Earth life energies, as well as the Universe’s life energies and flows.

Be positive in all that you do, and the Planetary Energies, will help you.

# 48 A little white lie

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Living in reality brings to us, situations, in which, its better to lie, than to tell the truth, or at least, that’s how we rationalize our actions.

Lying is never a good idea; act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself. .

This is a spiritual realization, so you build within yourself, a direct route, to the truth- you feel within you.

Little white lies, don’t seem to be bad, until you realize you’re okay with lying, and start to do it more and more, as a way to not deal with problems, or being put on the spot about something you did, or about to do or know about, but you don’t want to be involved.

Taking the path of less resistance, or the path of being able to get out of the situation, starts a learned behavior, which every time you do it it’s strengthened and starts becoming a way of life for you.

You build the opposite way of life, when you tell the truth, for you build you’re trustworthiness to you, and to others, you build a vortex, which draws in truth to reflect your own, and gives to you what you truly want.

On the other hand, when you build your life on lying, small or not, you build less trust of yourself, guilt, and the need to keep straight all the things you say when you lie, so lying builds a negative vortex, and brings in things you don’t want, but are there to reflect how you are living your life.

Truth within you, is your truth, but truth only draws truth, so your truth is an opening, a gateway, for others to delve into their truth, if they can, and they can only do this, if they even have an idea of what their truth is. Lying, separates them from their own inner truth, and builds a false reality, that demands life energy to maintain, so this is the second reason to not lie, using your life energy to maintain a false reality, only sets you up to be found out, and having to suffer the consequences. There may be a short victory, for a short time, but in the long run, it usually puts the lie teller in a worse position, where they invest in emotional turmoil and berate themselves, for being where they are.

Yet they won’t try to change, but will hide behind the lies, and tell still more lies, to reinforce the ones causing them trouble of being found out.

Truth is simple, relaxing, building, making good life energy, microcosmic living brings truth and truth brings an unfiltered life, and a life full of joy, happiness, and love.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, always!


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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Most people love crystals, but they don’t know, that crystals, have movement rhythms, within their methods of relating to other crystals, and to water on the Earth especially oceans, lava, rain, and sounds, as well as, their own vibrational quality- they sing, alone or with other crystals around them.

People who love crystals, pick them, for how they’re drawn to their beauty, but what they don’t realize, not all crystals will harmonize with each other, and if they put them in their bedroom, around their bed, they may be setting up the energies, they’re trying to avoid.

Pick crystals, which harmonize with each other, and listen to find out what their energy draws to them and from them, thus you will not put them somewhere, where they will be a negative, rather than a positive.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

# 47 Hung up on Past Lives holdover Problems

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

You may be saying to yourself, great, not only do I have this life time problems, now, I have to deal with past lives problems. Lives I don’t even remember, but are effecting me, here and now, not there and then.

We don’t want to recognize, we’re holding onto, and allowing these past lives problems, to shape our lives- here and now. Thus past lives problems are not past lives problems, but are here and now, you, problems.

However, one of the first things you have to do is to get rid of the holdover consciousness, which is still hiding among the many levels of your mind.

The best way to find it, is to utilize Nettleson’s technique of listening for things you say over and over, and then, once you have them down, then use them to trigger a direct path to the past life, and the consciousness, which is still hanging on, because the problems have not been worked through.

This past life consciousness may not want to be dissipated, and allow you to have the whole of your symbiotic connection, with your bodymind, and may fight you, but you’re the focus of the symbiotic connection, and can defeat it, bless it, transform it to super microcosmic crystal white light, and set it free in the universe or within you. You’re call.

You are the master, the captain of your ship, your bodymind, no one else’s, you say what stays and what goes. Work through this past life problem, and at the same time, you will weaken the past life consciousness, or rather get it ready to fully let go, and to go back into the totality of You, the source of all your spirits.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

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