(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

All gems are in two categories: 1. natural, 2. cut, polished.

Diamonds- natural, industrial

These gems are naturally hardened in the process of the Earth, so when you want to do Earth Magic, the best diamonds, for this, are the natural, uncut diamonds, or the industrial diamonds.

They can be used singly, or in a network; in Earth Magic, its best to use them at the four corners, of the Earth design, and to hold and build upon what you create, use five in the center.

Diamonds are strong, thus not all gems will be in harmony with them, especially, when you do Earth Magic. Platinum, Titanium, Gold are good to work with diamonds.

You must speak strong words, in a strong voice, to illicit the energy within the diamonds, for they only respect those who are strong and able. If you aren’t, they may, or rather will turn on you, and attack you, within your magic earthly designs.

Diamonds- Cut

These diamonds are only for happy, building, constructing, matching, loving, and so on.

These are Urban Magic- and work best, when used in the designs of the Urban understanding.

It is best to be naked, when you invoke these, for they do not like roughness around them, and the naked bodymind, is strong in strength and love.

Use only the softest material, so the material won’t fight the diamonds, and know that cut diamonds like to be the center of attention, so ten diamonds go in the center of any Urban Design you might use.

Do not try to do harmful magic with cut diamonds, they will turn on you, and draw upon their own and the Earth life energies, as well as the Universe’s life energies and flows.

Be positive in all that you do, and the Planetary Energies, will help you.