Emeralds are beautiful gems, and when used in Earth Magic, are used in natural earthy gem, or cut gems. Cut gems are beautiful in jewelry, all over the world.


Emeralds taken out of the Earth, are at their strongest, for they’re still natural, without being cut to be a jewelry emerald, They’re used, as are diamonds and rubies, in technology, as well as, in tokens of affection, from giver to receiver.

Emeralds are best used in geometric patterns, in curved geometric patterns, and the geometric design needs to be put on the earth, elevated from one inch to whatever fits the desire.

In doing the geometric design, the use of colored sand is appropriate, or regular sand, if the incantation is to be best served all natural way. Colored sand is best used, when dealing with social strata, etc.

It is better not to mix colored sands; incantations work best, when they’re of a singularity nature.

Cut emeralds

Emeralds used in jewelry, are parts of designs, and works in areas of social strata. If used for incantations, white, natural salt is the best builder of energy, along with the emeralds. Don’t use too much salt, for it is a strong gatherer, and you don’t need much.

All work of a psychic, or magic nature does best, when done on or within a design; the design works best, when it’s done on dirt, for natural use of emeralds; and wood, if done, by cut emeralds.

To start, do the above; but after you have comfort with doing these designs, try out other materials to do the designs on, coming up with what works best for you.