(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015


Rubies, in their natural, uncut state, are personal strength, strong healing, dance, movement, Connective energy, and wellness of heart and soul.


Rubies that are cut into jewels; are less effective, unless used in Tandem with each other, or with other gems. They are loved in jewelery, and set off creative jewelery to perfection.

Rubies are mystical brides of flowing energies, of Planetary, Space and Earth, and can be used in patterns to bless whatever is wanted. Red color is strength, healing, success and building/construction.

Spiritually, rubies, are to help the person, clear their minds, and their third eyes, so they see clearly, and are protected, while out in the astral planes. Reflect psychic attacks, from others, in the astral planes, or the physical planes.

Rubies are connected to snow, blizzards, winter and skiing, and cold water.