(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Platinum is soft, love, joy, happiness, inner drive, inner miracles, devotion, experience travel, psychic tips, beyondness, and more.

Platinum works well with diamonds, emeralds and rubies; use them only for marriage material, and for creating goodness, aliveness, awareness and telepathic feelings.

Platinum allows the user to go to the spiritual planes, but only after going through the noise doorway, which many can’t get through.

Platinum is the microcosmic blessing of the beauty of togetherness, spiritual binding, and love partnership. It can be used in marriage, but marriage isn’t necessary, for the couple. Coupling can be man/woman, woman/woman, or man/man, and is for more than a couple, but a Configuration, the number of which is up to the ones involved. Platinum is for all lovers, and those who choose to live together.

Platinum is the metal of bonding, and the metal of parting, with both or more parties. leaving in friendship and musical accord.

Platinum flowers and rings true, with the music, it’s in configuration with, and with the humans, who want its glow of beauty and doing, to bless their configuration.

Happy Blessing Day!