(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

When you’re doing spiritual work, discovery, action, etc., and you want to balance out the network or single action going to take place- you must use Configuration.

What is Configuration?

It is the balancer; it’s the spiritual drive of doing something, which will be beneficial for one or the many. Configuration is the idea, the will, the necessity of doing something to completion.

How do you do Configuration?

It’s easy to do, but you must trust your psychic feelings, to feel when the Configuration is flowing in accord of what is to be done, but also, in the manner and attitude, of the one or ones readying to do the spiritual action.

Do not try to use Configuration, for negative action, for it will bring it on you, but many times stronger, than what you sent out.

Configuration is for positive energy and action only; it is the strong balance of the one or the many, in the near, and far, if necessary, of the environment you are in. If there’s others involved in the spiritual action,all work to create theĀ  balance you want to build and utilize.

Yet, how do you do this, action called Configuration- 1. you feel the energy of the environment you’re in, and if there are others doing the spiritual action with you, bringing all into harmony, love, and tranquility, by placing your open hands in position around you.

Trust your feelings, in placing your open hands, in position, to create a flow of balance, strength, direction, dimension, and more.

You can do this sitting, or standing up; most times, you will place your hands in different Configurations, if you are sitting, or if your standing.

Feel the Microcosmic Force flowing through your Configuration, ready to help you in the spiritual work you want to accomplish.

The Microcosmic Force is everywhere, but not as a single force, but is made up of multitudes, of individual, life energy wholes, which network, to accomplish what they need to accomplish.

There is space between each, created by the life/belief energy itself, thus new energy individuals, are created within these space movements, created by the Microcosmic Force, individually, by each one, making up the Microcosmic Force.

Newness, new designs, new creations, new ways of traveling, etc. is found within the space, but is in telepathic awareness with all of the individual fulls/wholes, which make up the Microcosmic Force, each individual, and networking with each other full/whole, microcosmically, super microcosmically.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!