(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Frequency Philosophy

Frequency Massage works with back of the head, neck, top of the spine, shoulders, and top of chest, especially areas, on right and left side, where the muscles lie and anger is stored, and the top of the back of the torso.

Frequency Massage works on these principles:

1. Bodymind- each person, being you work on, is a single whole, with no parts, but lives, works, plays, sleeps, bathes, cleans, drives, washes, etc., with a single bodymind, where there are no aspects, only Bodymind.

2. The Bodymind is covered with Microcosmic Force Energy Flow Centers, large and microcenters. Stimulation of these centers, can help the whole Bodymind be healthy, and flexible.

3. Singularity- You, as a Bodymind, are a singularity; meaning you’re the center of all your movements, breaths, and actions. Your actions come from within you, thus have the total power of You, and when you, put the You, in every action, you act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

By being true to yourself, and acting on only that truth, you set up waves, which go out and touch everything around you. What it touches, must decide whether to use this truth, or not, depending how secular the wave is, to the person, who started it.

Each being, who feels these waves, and they can be anywhere, and still feel them, even if they begin on a spot, on a planet, every being can feel the ebbs and tides of the waves this, or they, make upon the Universe’s energy, so it interacts with the waves. These energies, will be accepted by them, and they will grow, within themselves, or will block them, and settle, for being in the untruth place they’re at.

4. These waves travel in circles, and in curving, round lines, called Lei lines, though another form of Lei Lines are the lines, which represent the streaming of energies, from the movements of the Universe, etc., and help maintain the quality and quantity, of the Universes, themselves.

Lei lines, have contact touches, with other Lei LInes; and when they do, junctions are born, these junctions, represent the interaction of the Lei Lines, upon their traveling, streaming energy, throughout the Universe, and Universes.

The Lei Line Junctions, will take of the flavor of the interaction, between Lei Lines, and electrical blast energy spots, which may interrupt Lei Lines Streaming, and twist it, so it becomes Not What It Is, rather than be the purity it is, when it streams the Universe.

Think of these electric blast energy spots, as being the brain of the Universe, and the brain works in electrical impluses, and electrical storms, as it acts, moves, and expands to the brain activity it represents.

These electrical blast energy spots are not stationary, but move and travel the Universe, and when they come in touch contact with Lei Lines, they blast it/them, so they reflect the electrical movement the blast is, thus replicating itself, in those Lei Lines, which is redirected to be a reflection of the electrical blast energies, and not its true self.

These electrical blasts spots, areas, regions, etc., all stem from one area, so you don’t have to work with the whole area, only the originating electrical blast spot, etc..

Electrical blasts spots, are known/seen/move by frequencies, vibrations, and sonic representation. These are Internal, Outer Movement, Internal Blast Lines, which carry the electrical blast, throughout the blast area, and when near another frequency/vibration, it turns into a invading energy, wanting to make the offending Lei Line, into a reflection of itself.

The reason for the need to replicate creating, is that it means it has a bigger presence in the total order of things, and it can use this new energy and what it controls, to try to become top dog, of the brain moves of the Universe, and Universes.

5. Everything moves, life is movement, movement is frequency/vibration/rounds movements; angled movements, frequencies, vibrations, are what causes illness, blindness to truth, and more.

6. What you feel is what you are, here and now. Trust your feelings, let go of reason, and emotional rationale, which is you coming up with emotions within yourself; it moves freely around, within you, collecting energy, from how your bodymind energy reacts to this free floating energy form. Iif it’s negative, it draws to itself, more energy, from streaming energy ( hardest ), to free floating life energy, which if needing direction, will be drawn toward this emotional form. It will start to crust around it, the emotion becomes stronger, and when you feel it or them, you either work through them, or try to block them, and some of this life energy, becomes more crust around the emotional form, which stimulates fears, angers, etc.. The emotional form now looks like a comet, with an inner core, and energies crust, reflecting this inner core.

7. The stronger this life energy negativity becomes, the less capable of moving it is, for if it moves, it opens itself up to transformation, where is it stays put, it starts walling itself up into a fort, which restricts the free flow of life energy. When this free flowing life energy, moves/streams, and runs into this block, it bounces forward and backward, creating friction at this spot, or heat, so you know where the initiating cause is, of the heat, you feel within the bodymind, of the client you’re working on.

8. If this fort goes chronic, what you get is what Wilhelm Reich, calls muscle armor, for the area controlled by the emotional or rational thought form, comes so hard, it feels just like armor, ergo, muscle armor.

It’s the loosening of this muscle armor, which allows the client to become free streaming life energy, which means they act and live in optimum freedom of movement, toward the inner self, and outward, to interact with the environment and others, but guided by, and energized by the inner self.

All movement starts within, going outward. All things network with each other; the healthy movements, use touch/contact to feel and know what it’s moving through, by or around. It gives symbols, to tell the whole bodymind, what it’s experiencing, by the fullness of intuition.

The healthy life, is one, which utilizes free thinking, without hangup frequencies and vibrations, and trust this intuition to guide them, as they know- it comes from their inner self.

9. There are other massages, etc., out there, but all or most, utilize accupressure/accupuncture to be a medical model, with pressure points, which collect life energy, and turn it from healthy, to heated unhealthy. It maintains itself, in heat or friction, so when we run into a heat spot, in the bodymind, we can be sure its a blocking form, and doesn’t let life energy flow freely. It’s our job to get the life energy flowing freely, and streaming around, within, the bodymind.

10. One of the best ways of seeing where the problems lie, in a client, is to have them move, and show you how they walk, hold themselves, express their unconscious/subconscious, how they see themselves in the world, their world view, and more.

Another way is scanning the bodymind, with your third eye, looking for the heat sources coming from friction areas around the bodymind.

Third, Wilhelm Reich used a seven step physical manipulation, of the spine, to free the client into being a whole, healthy man or woman.

Fourth, Bioenergetics, is another physical manipulation, bodymind friction freeing, thus frees life energy to stream freely around the whole bodymind, in expressing pathways, which build freedom, and psychic/telepathic strengths and passions.

Bioenergetics, is different, than Reich’s therapy, in that it looks at the bodymind of the client, and sees what it expresses, symbolically. The best symbol to show this, is the hanging shoulders, where the shoulders are held up, looking as if they were hanging on a hanger. Working with this symbol and the physical reality, which it symbolizes, can free the client, from being held up, stopped up, and free their movements to show they’re healthy, and their life energy is flowing- freely.

Fifth, There are other physical methods to work on the bodymind, and you can look these up in the appropriate libraries, and online. The author, of this paper, Rev. Dr. Terry Floyd Johnson, discovered a unique way of being able to work directly with the spirit.

Rev. Dr. Johnson, has his client walk in front of him, and to stop, when he says freeze, and to go only when he says go. This is tension and relaxation, but within 15 to 20 minutes, he can be working directly with the spirit, and all healing, starts in the spirit, and moves downward to the physical/mental bodymind.

You might have noticed, there is no mention of soul, this is because the soul, is a single life strategy, that is limited in outlook and preprogrammed by the spirit. It must, be blended back into spirit, so the person is working, living, playing, building, interacting, being a whole being, from spirit/ on down.

This is one of the spiritual decisions- each must make, whether to blend the soul back into spirit, and thus the spirit is in direct interaction with the physical/mental bodymind, or not; the decision is up to the person.

The person who utilizes frequency massage, must know the aspects of the bodymind, in talking to others, who aren’t holistic, and unaware of the fact they’re a single bio-organism.

The bodymind aspects are:

1. physical bodymind- which is what’s massaged

2. mental bodymind- this is massaged as well, when you give the frequency massage to the bodymind

1. the frequency .massage is a directive- creative fantasy as well:

1. First, have them go to the most beautiful place they know; it can be real or a creative visualization place

2. Second, have them get comfortable in this private, beautiful place

3. Now, have them visualize frequency strings, which look like DNA Strings, and turn like a curly que in the breeze

4. Now have them watch the frequency strings, as they turn or it turns in the breeze ( you can add more strings such as memory strings, DNA/RNA strings, feelings strings, trust strings, etc.

5. Tell them to feel a fresh breeze, which is blowing ( from what direction ) fresh air and is turning the strings, counterclockwis; as they move, the Strings are cleansing themselves through the breeze movements

This is the prognostic set up or creative visualization rhythms, which you create to your own design.

The spirit is not always right, and may have wrong thinking, doing, because it has not seen the right path for itself; this is what we work on, when dealing with the spirit.

Physical/mental/spirit manipulation, can cause growth in all the others, or if not strong enough, will only affect/effect the one it happened in.

Tension/relaxation takes insight, acceptance, breakthroughs, and make it available, and working on, all levels of you.

How is the beyond life energy forms of you, attached to physical/mental bodymind. Symbiotically, the spirit/soul creates the energy for the fetus to grow as it should, but sometimes, past life holdover problems, make themselves known, or feelings of guilt, etc., are such the soul, comes into a imperfect bodymind, for he/she/it can burn away blocks, fears, etc., much faster, and gain toward total freedom, early, rather than having to go through psychological interaction, and working on the here and now. A healthy bodymind, which means, the client has come to believe there’s a problem. This can be a long process, depending on how well the client works with their inner blocks and muscular armor.

3. Bio-stasis coding, which is the coding under the physical/mental bodymind, and what keeps what you want to transform, keep coming back to the old ways. The mental, and the coding, are often at odds, this coding, also, includes habits, addictions, etc., but by working with both the mental and the coding, transformation can be achieved

4. Soul Star- preprogramming of the Spirit, for this single life, but within it are avenues to the past, and future, so both can be transformed to holistic healthy actions. They can effect present day life and living; this is the work of Past Life Therapy/Future Life Therapy

5. Being- this is you

6. Totality- is the working aspect, which oversees all spiritual, mental and physical actions of this lifetime

7. Spirit- is the director/producer of all movie making aspects of the total, super bodymind; it has many lives going on at the same time, and each is independent of the others, but each can affect/effect the others, by spiritual learning, doing and action. Each is whole, and self-responsible, thus any action must be seen to be okay, by the being

8. Far, Far, Far, Far Beyonds- this is the creative aspect, the brilliance of the being- utilizing all at its fingertips, to do, to grow, to experience, to create, to help, to share, to care, to build, to connect, to do telepathic actions, to do psychic actions, readings, etc., to trust, to feel to act without thinking, and so on.

9. Super Microcosmic Levels- awareness or not, of all the different levels, going on within you, at the same time, in the future, and in the past; psycholoogical, sociological, creative, and feeling

10. Super Microcosmic Directions- the spiritual direction of the Spiritual actions, definitions, scouts, paths, tracking and creation

11. Super Microcosmic Dimensions- these are the many doorways, openings, rifts, collections, actions, which come from mental, spiritual, doing, choosing, drawing to you, pushing away from you, subjective, outer directed, and awareness of dimensions contacting and influencing everything to everyone’s acceptance, and knowledge of it or them, shows what must be worked through

12. Super Microcosmic Etheric- here is the space where thoughts float, and are strengthen or weakened, by how you see, think of them, it is here where creative endeavors start, and new ideas are born

13. Super Microcosmic Astral- this is the leaving the bodymind, and traveling in spirit, to wherever you want to go, or go to be surprised, you cannot be separated from your bodymind, you have a golden cord, and a silver cord, to make sure that doesn’t happen

14. Super Microcosmic Memory- this is the area, where all memories are kept, binding energy to shape and picture the direct reference of an experience, expression, etc., memories grow hazy, as the person withdraws energy from them, and they can be changed by the person’s inability to accept them as real; they become blocks, the person, must work through

15. Super Microcosmic Unconscious- this is the depth layer of experience, which the person is denying, repressing, running from, running to, surrounded by fear, and any attempt to work with it, the image changes the closer you get, to more frightening characterization; you have to face your fear, and walk through the energy you have put around this memory, to keep you from remembering it, this can be thought of as a collective consciousness, for the repressed memories, etc., hook on to similar repressed energy, and create fear strings.

16. Super Microcosmic Subconsciousness- is the automatic, habitual moves, that we do, without thinking about; they can be natural consciousness, learned behavior, ergo, habits, fortification symbol energy, to keep the memory at bay. It’s where the coding is that is stronger than the everyday consciousness, and its wants lies; you have to transform the subconsciousness, for any transformation to take place

17. Super Microcosmic Consciousness- everyday consciousness, which chooses to be microcosmic or macrocosmic, and is what flavors your experiences, to good, bad or indifferent; it protects itself, from material, actions, that might bring up what it doesn’t want to remember or think about

18. Super Microcosmic Highest consciousness- this is spiritual, spiritual understanding. psychic, telepathic, where understanding comes in, from trusting your feelings, and feelings are straightfoward, they always say, visualize for you, the truth of you and what you feel about any action, etc..

19. Super Microcosmic Etheric Double- this is you, shaping, which sticks out 3 to 6 inches from your bodymind, it’s the aspect that does astral projection, distant healings,, remote seeing, remote psychic attacks, and psychic defense, against those who would psychically attack you. It wants to leave the bodymind, for any reason, you must discipline it, so it only goes out when you feel it’s necessary

20, Super Microcosmic Aura- sticks out from the bodymind, from the etheric double energy, to up to 20 feet or more, it holds all the programming done for you, by spirit, soul, learned behavior, insight, illness, health, holistic health, past lives, present lives, and future lives, is the beyond, which makes each of us beyond what we are, and we have to see this, or be limited in our living styles

All of these are aspects of the bodymind, taken out of context, of the singularity each of us are, by our rationality, are emotive rationality, so we can understand it better, but in doing so, we block the truth of who we are- a single, whole organism, each of the above, flows as a single entity, with no aspects, no parts, no rationalizations, etc..

Rupert Sheldrake, tells us, that the fetus, grows, by growing into bio-morphic fields, which are an outline of the human genome processing, thus the fetus grows into a baby, with traits of humanity, and individual traits taken from the parents.

Science has discovered star matter in our bodies, so we may be, in fact, children of the stars. However, all of this is at the lowest density level of living, the physical- mundane level, which sees itself caught up in the sorrows of the world, and wants to have as much as possible, by manipulating the Outside, to bring to him or her, what they want, or think they want.

This is the Cosmic Illusion, that Outside can give to you want you want; it cannot, all action, movement, etc., starts and draws in Outside stuff, which fulfills, or not, what the person/being think it wants to be happy.

Happiness is only found inside of you, by your living, within the singularity, which is you. Singularities are strong; they draw to themselves, what they want. In the physical stuff, a singularity grows smaller, till energy is such, it has no other option, than to explode- ergo the Big Bang.

We are singularities, but we control how small or how organize we are, thus we don’t come anywhere close to exploding, to reach out once again.

Reaching out, means risking; we each look at risk, from our own understanding, and our own belief system, of how we see ourselves, through picturing, within our minds, who we see ourselves, as being.

Our imagination kicks in; it helps us be whatever we picture/imagine; it feels its doing right, no matter if what you are picturing/imagining is totally false, and colored by your low self-esteem, not taking up self-responsibility, no self-respect, etc., thus you create within yourself, your movements, your actions, reflective movements, of who you allow yourself to be. This can be truth, or untruth, of you, not wanting to see you as you really are, but create an image of who you think you are.

Images are false, or self-created, to show you off in the best light, or at least, at what you see as your best look, but these are not capable of staying, unless you’re willing to pour energy, your life energy/sexual energy, into keeping the illusion going.

You block your super microcosmic life energy/sexual energy, to make yourself what you picture you are in your mind, in your imagination, so you create art blocking, of your super microcosmic life energy/sexual energy bodymind, making your bodymind to shape, to move, to your specifications.

Freedom is letting go of these blocks, and letting your super microcosmic life energy/sexual energy flow, stream, without hinderance, thus being who you are in holistic health, and microcosmic understanding.

Each person creates their own private symbolization, of this art blocking, or free flowing/streaming life energy/sexual energy, thus the symbols are individual expression of you, whether you take credit for them or not.

These symbols incorporate the living book of you, in psychic terms, it’s what’s found in the Askhaic Records, where everyone’s life is recorded and organized, so it can easily be found.

Part 2

Training to be a Frequency Masseur

1. Discover the aura around each person

2. Listen to your client about how their feeling right here and now

3. You can rub your hands together, as you ready to do the massage, allowing you to vibrate to the person’s aura and vibration

4. Have the client sit in a comfortable chair; stand behind them

5. Take them through a relaxation focus imagination scene- the directed fantasy, where you create a wonderful, and beautiful place, for them to be, while the massage is being done, it helps them to relax, and get ready for the visual movie you’re going to help them create, within themselves, while they’re having the massage done

6. Most times the imaginary creation is a beautiful place in nature, with a waterfall, a pond, the waterfall water is falling into

7. The grass is very green, and the sky a beautiful blue, and the whole place is peaceful and relaxing

8. Now, we start the massage, vocally and visually, to help the person bring into reality helpful frequencies, for them, to experience

9. Tell your client to see hanging curly ques, of five different colors- red, green, yellow, blue and crystal white; the curly ques are moving in the breeze, and as they feel the breeze on them, they start to turn, when they turn, they begin to vibrate with spiritual love, truth and beyondness

10. The curly ques are now twisting to their own inner vibration and go faster as the breeze picks up, many of the curly ques are being reflected by the sun, which is on the curly ques, and not the client

11. Now, tell the client they may watch or simply enjoy the wonderful place, where they’re peaceful, secure and quiet

12. Here, you begin the massage, you can start on the shoulders, by pressure touch on both sides, pressing down, to awaken the muscular armor there, and making it have to release its chronic muscles, but don’t expect this to happen on the first try

13. Go to the back of the client, to where the spine meets the neck and feel where you need to press down with pressure to start helping his/her life energy, or Kundalini Energy to flow, and start helping the balancing of the life energy flow and streaming. The life energy ( microcosmic force ) flows up the spine, and around the person; it streams on circular paths around the thickness of the bodymind

14. From here go to the bottom of the neck, and press in here; here is where you may feel, and usually do, knots in the muscle of the neck, these must be rubbed/pressed out, by the time you have finished the massage. Sometimes chronic knots, will only go to almost relaxation, but won’t go any further, if this happens, feel the flow of the crosswise streaming life energy, feel where the associated points are, and press there, then relaxing, then pressing in again, until you feel this has been done enough; continue to find pressure points that relate in vibration with the chronic knot, then go back to the chronic knot, and put pressure on it, so it has to deal with this pressure, which is invading its domain, so it focuses on this, and loses control of the armor; it begins to relax, and the muscles loosen, bringing an end, or a relief from the chronic knot

15. Do this up and down the side of the neck; back of the neck; back of the head; top of the head, if you feel it’s needed, then when you feel the time is right

16. Go to points of chronic armor, on the spine, and on either side of it, most of the time these pressure points will line up with the cross sectioning of the Microcosmic Force Life Energy Flows, for to be unhealthy, the bodymind must repress free flowing of MFLE. You only have to go halfway down the back, or a little more, to work this area, for pain points

17. After this, you may want to go to the upper chest, putting pressure there, for this is where much anger is stored, your client hasn’t let go of, massage it with a hand first, then do pressure points

18. Continue in this fashion, until you feel the massage is done- usually this is fifteen to twenty minutes, and throughout this, you pick the right times, to increase the movements of the curly ques strings; the faster they turn, the freer they are, and the more, they produce welcomed transformation, within the client, who simply allows him/her self, to enjoy the freeing up of their total being

19. One of the things I do, is I try not to lift both hands off the person, at the same time, but you must feel if this is right for you

20. Rub the shoulders softly; and the massage is done, as you lift both hands off, starting to bring the client back to the room, they’re in, and leaving behind the sanctuary. They can go to it any time; then center them within their bodyminds, bring them back to their everyday consciousness; the curly ques disappear, as they start back to their bodyminds

Remember- the pain points are the weakest energy in the area, and are not in truth, the real area hurtin,g and are, reflecting something within the client; trust your feelings, to find these areas, before or after you work on the presenting pain points.

The client will feel pain in the area, and may move, but keep pressing down, for by pressing down, you make the muscle work, and free itself up, of the chronic pain, then you may find the real pain point, or you will have to feel where it is, trust your feelings! Be aware how much pain the person can handle, when you’re close to the tipping point, relax, and back off, then press in again.

Each of the curly ques, are a frequency/vibration of the inner world of the person, their DNA/RNA, genes, and things they’re holding onto, or afraid of. This simple way of seeing them move in the breeze, turning either clockwise, or counterclockwise, depending on which direction, movement is healing this aspect/area/muscle/organ of the person.

Allow the person to get up in their own experience; tell them to get up slowly, for they’re still in the actions of the curly ques frequencies.

They come totally awake, and the massage session is over.

Part 3

In conclusion, this method is used to reflect Microcosmic Force Life Energies, Movements and Strengths, within the client’s bodymind. Trust your feelings; don’t be afraid to press down, hard, but not too hard, you will feel how the client reacts to the pressure, and decide from there, what is the best pressure to use in your massage of this client.

Visualization, Creative Fantasy, Mental Movie Making, are all names, for the fantasy, you create within the client; at the start of the massage session, and throughout the session, you increase the breeze, so the curly ques, begin to move faster, and as they move faster, they can only be seen as a color, and a reflective surface.

These curly ques are Microcosmic Life Energy Flows, DNA/RNA strings, cell patterns, genes, etc., and you’re working directly with each of these, bringing healthy movements to them all.

Thus, you’re bringing relaxation, free flowing life energy, healing movements, and spiritual bliss, within the client.

Good Pressure!