# 11 Rubelite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Rubelite is a food gem, keeping Rubelite near, not in, where food is held, allows Rubelite to do its magic, of keeping the healthy aspects of the food, at a maximum, for a longer time, than would happen, if it wasn’t there.

Use Rubelite, nearby, when allowing food to cool, for it allows a freshness, to be with the food, and brings out its healthiness, to help those, who eat the food.

Drinks can be helped by the presence of Rubelite, in the next room, but never in the same room.

Never keep Rubelite, in the bedroom or the bathroom, for its energy flow, is very strong, when bottled up, and can do harm to you, and anyone else, who experiences it.

Wash Rubelite in cold water, daily, preferably in the morning, but it can be done, before you go to bed.

Keep Rubelite away from other gems, for it cuts the power and energy of the other gems, and grabs it for itself.

Never keep Rubelite under a bed, etc., it can drain your healthy energy and leave only the harshness energy, or ill energy, within you, and around you.

To balance it out, create a five slice circle, and color each slice withone of the 5 colors: red, blue, yellow, green and crystal white.

Do not get large pieces of Rubelite, but small pieces, and if needed they can be placed in a necklace position, to multiply their effect.

Rubelite, cannot stand illness, thus if you feel ill, keep a Rubelite, in the same room, but across the room, then wash it in cold water, before going to bed, and never take it into the bedroom or bathroom with you.

If you’re going to leave your abode, for more than a day, wrap Rubelite, in a white towel, or scarf, and place it, in an area, that can look outside.

Microcosmic ForceĀ  Blessings upon you

# 56 Aura Reading Expanded

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

We’ve looked at the conventional way of giving an aura reading, to a client: 1. read the energy around them, which is made up of iconic energy, and shows symbols to reflect what’s going on in each one of them, 2. next, we do their present, and how these iconic symbols interweave with the clients present, 3. next, comes the persons wellness Q, what’s going on within and outside of their bodyminds ( bodymind is a singular life experiencing, and we see how they view themselves, as a single organism, or as parts making up a constructed whole ), 4. next, comes the person’s future, which is made by what they choose here and now, thus reading the future isn’t a now and then experience, but a here and now expansion, 5. this can be followed by romance, interacting with others, etc., 6. now, we go into finances, business ops, and so on, 7. and the last, is what problems they’re having that aren’t here and now caused, but may be reflected in what you experience, to keep it fresh, within your mind, these problems are held over from past lives, and are here and now, because of their working in the present to cause the client problems. The reader can then tell them of past lives that are influencing this present one, and thus, the actions lived through, are not stagnant, but fresh, in the experiencing of the client- here and now.

The above gives the client a way of expectation, of what they’re going to hear, what’s going to be covered, and so on.

However, this can be dull, and worse, hide some clarity that needs to be viewed, which isn’t, because of the standards used by the reader.

How can we circumvent this- by realizing you can read anything, and you don’t need to have a standard reading pattern, but can simply go with the flow, reading that which is being projected by the client.

Free Auric Reading, is freedom from dogma, and reading, by feeling the flow going on within the client, here and now. This freedom allows your psychic talents, abilities and skills to pick up things, which might be hidden from the standard reading form.

The secret to reading, is to realize: 1. All things have an aura, 2. everything is in movement, 3. everything has life energy, thus is self-directive and aware, 4. Awareness is an instant by instant feeling of what’s going on with the client; you can start with the here and now, projective emotions, feelings, thoughts, but be open to going wherever your insight takes you, 5. you can use this in every kind of psychic reading forms, such as Tarot, Astrology, rocks, sticks, and so on, don’t be a stick in the energy, free yourself to Discovery and Positive Identification of what’s going on- in the client’s, here and now present.

Bodymind means you’re a single organism, with no parts; this is a breakthrough- Amazement, for it aligns you with the truth of your being, and the client’s as well.

Empathy is used to feel the descriptive symbols, showing what’s going on, feeling, etc., in the client; remember= empathy not sympathy, you show them you hear what their saying or feeling, but you give them the respect that they can heal themselves, with a little empathy to their whole being.

Look at Past Lives Therapy: on how to help your client, see where the problem arises from, not in the here and now, but in the symbolization of not worked throughness, in a past life.

Remember: you can read anything, and you can do it your way, and it doesn’t have to be in standards used by others.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 10 Gems

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Precious Opal

Opals are the all-in-wonder gems, they’re good for a number of things, in your arsenal, of having around you, those gems, which work, for you, and help you maintain health, happiness, and togetherness.

Opals are for the togetherness of spirit, of bodymind, and of mental capabilities.

Opals, expand mental capabilities, in a grounded way, and are used to gather psychic, spiritual, and telepathic energy, and can be used with drawings of a outline of a bodymind, to increase activity of peace, health, and action, in those areas.

Keep opals in silk scarves, for they relate to each other well.

Opals, can be used to negate or strengthen tarot cards, placed out in a reading, for the subject.

Choose the opals, well, and then, putĀ  affirm blessings on all of them, which calls in the positive energies, thoughts, actions, people, who are of the Light, and turn out those who try to bring dark into the process.

Opals are pure Light, and cannot be used, for dark operations, they will fight the action trying to be done.

Opals worn as necklaces, gathers life energy, and strengthens, the one wearing it, its full day, even if the necklace is taken off, the Ghost, of them, go on working their purity of life energy.

Opals must not be given as presents, etc., but the one the opals are for, must choose those which fit their personality, bodymind action and spiritual truth.

One or many, must be tuned to the person, using them or it, so the Universe is aware that a bearer of the Light, is working their spirituality, in the cause of Light.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 55 Success

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Success is not the same for everyone, and that’s the secret of success, it’s what you want it to be.

There are many successes, from big to small, to microactions, all of it depends on what you see as being success, in your own life.

Success is not a word that describes one thing, and everyone, who reaches this goal, is now successful. What is the key to all successes, is that it’s what you believe it to be; you’re the kingpin, of what is success in your eyes, and all the information you find, on success, may or may not be what you feel success is.

Many cultures try to convince its citizens, that what the majority say success is, is what you ought to see it as, as well. This is poppycock, and is only a trick, those who know how to play the state game, want you to believe.It allows them to win, and you to lose, or at the least, you become a member of their success club, and the only way you can win, is by beating them at their own game.

This is the description, of the way of war, it’s where one set of peoples, see success, as their idea of strategic goals, and the other parties, don’t agree, and build their own success societies.

Each sees their success values and goals, as the only one that is right, so, they grow angry, at the other societies, for not following their strategic goals. They become militarized, in showing these other, less brilliant societies, how to become like them. If they don’t, they’re apparitions of a slap in the face, at the first’s, surety that their way is the only way to success.

The other society, disagrees with that, and this angers the first society, so they start posturing, in a way to let the other society know they’re better than they are, which eventually leads to conflict.

If the first society, is stronger, then they have an advantage, of superior numbers, but superior numbers, isn’t always the winner. Those who see military fighting as the way to expand their kingdoms, look to brilliant military leaders, to guide them in their war, with other societies. One, of course, is the Art of War, by Sun Tzu, which lays out how a king can turn his people into warriors and fighters, mostly by fear of the ruthlessness of the king, to kill, maim or destroy others around the party, giving him problems.

War is the stupidity of the human race, and as we have seen with the other races in the Universe, as well.

The Constellation, has been at war with Rowdies Rangers, for months, and they’re losing badly. However, they refuse to come to a peace table, and thus, their own pride is going to destroy them.

Rowdies Rangers are the best trained warriors in the Universe, and they have behind, and with them, Catseye, and Ghost, the best trainer of warriors, in the Universe.

However, Rowdies Rangers, simply want the Constellation to stop kidnapping races on planets, not as advance as they are, and stop, experimenting on them, for their own murderous reasons.

Rowdies Rangers, want them to stop, stealing from these same planets, and making them pay top dollar for goods they force them to take.

Rowdies Rangers, want peace, and do not want to destroy them, but if it becomes the only way to stop them, then they will find a way to end it, with the Constellation complete surrender.

In the above, we see, two different kinds of seeing the category of success; one defending, the other attacking, because of their sense of being better than all the other races.

Rowdies Rangers, want peace, and are willing to negotiate, to find an answer, that will allow both parties to win, but so far the Constellation, refuses to do this, because of their relentless search, for bodies, which are totally indestructible.

You are the one who says what success is to you, but be open, and sure enough, within yourself, to allow others the same right.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!

# 9 Amber

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(c)Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Amber is a wonderful gem, or product of nature, it has many wonderful talent, and abilities to be used by working with this wonderous gemstone.

First, amber is what you want to use, when you’re trying to get pregnant, and if you want, the sexual action, to be beautiful, loving and enriching, for the parents, and the child conceived.

Second, amber is used to create invisibility around yourself, so you’re not bothered by others, outside of yourself.

Third, amber is a keeper of life, which falls under its creation, so becomes an method of seeing life, in different periods.The life is captured in its fullness, as amber solidfies, and the life amber, becomes a treasure and a reward, for those wanting to discover, what life was, in a period, different from the one you’re now in.

Fourth, amber is the sexual enhancement gemstone, and works whether the couple is in love or not; amber is a natural enhancement to sex, as a physical/mental release. It creates a wonderful bond, while they’re together, but helps soothe feelings, when they’re not.

Fifth, amber is the empowerment gemstone, and works to enhance and increase a person’s talents, abilities and skills.

Sixth, amber is not a power object, but an enhancer, try it with actions you want enhanced, and you find more and more abilities, talents, and skills, coming out of you, as amber enhances your trys, and work.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!

# 54 How to enjoy the world, through looking at art

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Humanity is gifted with the ability to write, draw, paint, carve, and much more. This gift is best seen, when a visual is wanted to share, in art, and photography.

Art is a way of first seeing and looking, for something that stimulates the creative brain cells, and won’t leave you alone, till you create the vision, you see in your head, or within your bodymind.

Creative holding in, can drive creative persons, bonkers, till they have to do their thing on it, and release that drive, which is the one, who won’t allow the creative person, to rest and be able to do other things, until he/she has put down on paper or canvas, and in photography, what you see in your mind, is captured by the camera, for all to see.

EnviroRadiance backs all kinds of creative endeavors, art and photography, are just two, you, also, have writing, ceramics, poetry, music, dance, ballet, ice skating, abstraction, expression, and so on. EnviroRadiance, loves to see all the work brought out by artists, from within themselves, or interpreting the outside world, with their artistic eye.

Spirituality enhances, and is a teacher, when the spiritual person, shares their vision through art, word and so on. We back the building of museums, galleries, outside art sales and work, environmental art, and all kinds of creative endeavors, as a spiritual beauty given to the artist, and shared by his creative ability to show what, he or she is envisioning.

Reality, is but one of the periods used by artists, there is also abstracts, expression, colors expressing the world seen, but feeling the colors, that they create within the artist, who does the work, and for the audience, who comes to view the work.

This brings us to the power of the critic; critics have their own criteria, to what they feel is good, again, to what they feel is good, you cannot go by what a critic says, but have to experience the work, yourself. If you don’t, you’re denying yourself, the ability, to say what you like and what you don’t.

There are different levels of art, photography and so on; and an artist, at one time or another, may experience each of them, when working to be able to put just the right methods together to build a kickbutt piece of art.

Hardly, anyone is born knowing how to do a field, which intrigues them, the same, for the creative folk, they have to learn by being shown, or taught by example, in the old days, for art, this was in the art guilds. The artist would work with an art master, and learn how to do the actions of art, which leads to a finished work, or masterpiece.

Today, we have colleges, artists charging to teach painting, drawing, etc.; we have collectors who buy the works, and allow the artist to continue doing what he/she loves to do best- art, and other creative fields, of choice.

May the Microcosmic Force be with the artist and the art works, always !

# 8 Star Sapphires

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( c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Star Sapphires, are a much loved gem, and it has meaning, to each person, who owns one, or views one, it is also seen to be a Catseye.

Star Sapphires, are directional, and used, when you wish to do something to the four directions, much like a medicine wheel.

Star Sapphires, are weather oriented, sky oriented, earth oriented, water oriented, and magic oriented.

Star Sapphires, are wonder creating, and can help in any prayer, affirmation, blessing you do! Don’t limit its reach, energy and power, for it stands for the four directions of the planet, thus has a strong affinity with planetary bodies, and comets, which are frozen ice, ergo water, so this allows you to use the energy of comets, as well as planets, to help in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Put the Star Sapphire, in the center, of whatever you’re using to create what you want to accomplish, thus bringing earth, and planetary power and energy into the movements, and sounds you’re using.

Star Sapphires can also be used as a medicine wheel, if you don’t have one, with you. They draw upon star energy as well, thus they’re one of the most powerful gems, in existence.

Star power, energy and vibration, vibrate from them, so you’re within the presence of the powers of the stars, exemplified by the Star Kings, and Queens.

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