(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Aquamarine properties, are the same no matter if natural, cut, etc..

Aquamarine has these benefits, under psychic and Telepathic spirituality and doing:

1. stands for water, both ocean and fresh water, so it is highly valued as a psychic/telepathic stepper, meaning it helps a person to go higher in their psychic/telepathic energy, when needed.

2. If put in water, to use, the water extends it’s powers, and the full force of ocean, lake magic comes to light, and the person is known as a water driver, and works well, with the stone.

3. I used in the hand, do not grip it tightly, but leave it loose in your hand, and see it holding all the water in the world, and all that water is a full psychic/telepathic force, that will work with you, if you treat it with respect.

4. After you are done working with psychic/telepathic intent and impression, you must wash it in cold water, to get the residue psychic/telepathic influences from the work you just did.

5. Aquamarine is a fine gift to anyone who is happy, loving, sharing, and wants to build a bridge between themselves, and the water magic of the world.

6. Psychic/Telepathic work, is a form of magical overtures, and must be done only for positive, or aquamarine, will fight the one using it, or trying to use it for negative incantations, or spells

7. Aquamarine in low numbers, are good to have around the house, for it cools the house, and builds the energy found there, do not place it near fire, heat or leave it outside in the sun, for it’s energy depository, within itself, will wither, for it is very sensitive to light, heat, fire;it’s also good for home protection, and to draw water securities to the home.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!