(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

To be aware, we must learn how to see, listen, create, and share.

In art, seeing, what is real, is a necessary talent, to enable the artist to draw, paint, or sculpture, by realism, or abstractly.

There are many art periods, all of which, have their own manifesto, to explain, what their period means, and how to view it, but don’t simply take their words for it, but develop your own reasoning, for enjoying this art period, and the work within it, by the artists, who join together, to become a small community.

Joining these art periods are literature, philosophies, economics, and more, so art periods are not alone, but are bundled, within the social reality, of the time, they live, and work in.

This is a way of seeing inclusion, in which, any creative endeavor, is not creating out of nothing, but is influenced by what is happening in the creative worlds, and the real world, via war, homelessness, medical problems and so on.

Exclusion, is where a conscious choice is made to look for, and come up with something out of sync, with the present day thoughts.

This is the doorway, to being your own person, and being able to step outside the present day activities and events, and create from a new and different knowledge, creative banks, of research and intelligence working, to perceive in a new way, and which could be the start of a new movement, which will become an art period, and it, in itself, will then be open to a new exclusion of creatives, to come up with a new way of creating, thinking and feeling.

In spirituality, this means, not only listening etc., but to go beyond what you have learned, and find newness, out of your own experience, or the experience of others, which you view, and then, find new paths radiating from this seen experience, event, action and etc..

Spirituality isn’t a dogmatic philosophy, but a living, breathing way of viewing the world, and a way of seeing beyond what is known, to what isn’t known, but is capable of being experienced directly by you, and then others can share, by your sharing your experience, within your new paths of spirituality.

Spirituality is spirit centered, but this doesn’t mean it should be taken at blank face; you have to experience what a teacher or other, is telling you, then try it out for yourself, and then make the choice whether this fits you or not.

In any spiritual path, there are many, ways of viewing it, and many ways of learning from your own spiritual journeys.

Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancing, teach you how to walk your own path of spirituality, and how to explore on your own, so it is a living spirituality, and not merely dogma, of this is the way it is, no other experience is allowed.

Good hunting!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!