( c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Star Sapphires, are a much loved gem, and it has meaning, to each person, who owns one, or views one, it is also seen to be a Catseye.

Star Sapphires, are directional, and used, when you wish to do something to the four directions, much like a medicine wheel.

Star Sapphires, are weather oriented, sky oriented, earth oriented, water oriented, and magic oriented.

Star Sapphires, are wonder creating, and can help in any prayer, affirmation, blessing you do! Don’t limit its reach, energy and power, for it stands for the four directions of the planet, thus has a strong affinity with planetary bodies, and comets, which are frozen ice, ergo water, so this allows you to use the energy of comets, as well as planets, to help in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Put the Star Sapphire, in the center, of whatever you’re using to create what you want to accomplish, thus bringing earth, and planetary power and energy into the movements, and sounds you’re using.

Star Sapphires can also be used as a medicine wheel, if you don’t have one, with you. They draw upon star energy as well, thus they’re one of the most powerful gems, in existence.

Star power, energy and vibration, vibrate from them, so you’re within the presence of the powers of the stars, exemplified by the Star Kings, and Queens.