(c)Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Amber is a wonderful gem, or product of nature, it has many wonderful talent, and abilities to be used by working with this wonderous gemstone.

First, amber is what you want to use, when you’re trying to get pregnant, and if you want, the sexual action, to be beautiful, loving and enriching, for the parents, and the child conceived.

Second, amber is used to create invisibility around yourself, so you’re not bothered by others, outside of yourself.

Third, amber is a keeper of life, which falls under its creation, so becomes an method of seeing life, in different periods.The life is captured in its fullness, as amber solidfies, and the life amber, becomes a treasure and a reward, for those wanting to discover, what life was, in a period, different from the one you’re now in.

Fourth, amber is the sexual enhancement gemstone, and works whether the couple is in love or not; amber is a natural enhancement to sex, as a physical/mental release. It creates a wonderful bond, while they’re together, but helps soothe feelings, when they’re not.

Fifth, amber is the empowerment gemstone, and works to enhance and increase a person’s talents, abilities and skills.

Sixth, amber is not a power object, but an enhancer, try it with actions you want enhanced, and you find more and more abilities, talents, and skills, coming out of you, as amber enhances your trys, and work.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!